Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Beach Wedding


Planning a wedding can get frustrating at times. Although it is set out to be the best day of the year for you, the planning process can cause some stress. This is especially true when you need to plan a beach wedding. Beach weddings include paying attention to the weather, sea tide, and the wind on that day.

This article will help you step by step plan the perfect beach wedding. Fear not about the weather, your guests, and the beach wedding attire. Following these basic steps can lead you to the most exciting beach wedding.

If you’re planning a beach wedding, read all the steps. This will help you decide what to wear to a beach wedding. No need to thank me just yet!


10 most important things to consider while planning a beach wedding

If you’re looking to plan a beach wedding, you’ve probably already thought about all the problems you may face. Here’s a list of things to consider while planning a beach wedding.


1.    Location – consider the weather conditions and how accessible the beach is. Consider a beach that is quiet and private for your ceremony

Before deciding the location, check the beaches for weather, accessibility, and privacy. A beach that is quiet and private should be preferred over one that is noisy.

2.    Weather – make sure the weather will be agreeable on your wedding day

Make sure to check the weather predictions for that day. Getting hit by a surprise storm is not the most exciting thing on your wedding day.


3.    Guest list – make sure to invite people who will enjoy a beach wedding and be respectful of the environment

A party-pooper is never welcome as they may quickly ruin the vibe. Add people you know who love nature and adapt to any setting to your invite list.


4.    Decorations – keep it simple with natural elements like shells, sand, and flowers

It’s essential to go with decorations that smoothly blend in with the background. Having natural elements is a go-to for beach weddings.


5.    Food and drinks – serve refreshing cocktails and light snacks that can be enjoyed outdoors

Who doesn’t like to enjoy the beach with a glass of Amaretto Sour? Cocktails and light snacks are the perfect combination for an outdoor wedding.


6.    Photography and videography – capture the natural beauty of the beach setting for memories that will last a lifetime

Be sure to capture this memory in the most beautiful way with the assistance of natural elements. The sun, the waves and the sand can make for a perfect background in your wedding photos.


7.    Music – choose music that will set the mood for your ceremony (and is appropriate for a beach setting)

Music that merges with the setting can create the most unique vibe. Keep an upbeat and tropical vibe.


8.    Ceremony type – will you have a traditional ceremony or something more casual like exchanging vows in the sand

Making your beach wedding memorable doesn’t have to stop at the music. You can add some spice by jumping the broom or adding your own traditional ceremony.


9.    Flowers/decorations – keep in mind that sand and salt water can damage flowers, so opt for artificial flowers or decorations that can withstand the elements

Choose flowers that can withstand the tropical temperature. Lilies, for example, are timeless and elegant. Make sure to choose flowers that are appropriate for your beach wedding.


10. Attire:

Bride attire – choose light, airy fabrics that can be worn in hot weather and won’t blow away in the wind

For a beach wedding, opting for solid, lighter colors with breathable fabrics is the best choice. The wedding attire can vary depending on the formality of the event. A more casual setting generally calls for floral prints.

Guest attire – ask guests to dress in light colors and comfortable clothing that can handle sand and humidity

A beachy vibe gives more of a comfy, cool expression as opposed to a formal event. Naturally, the weather and the venue will decide the final look.

Things to consider for your beach bride attire

Looking for the perfect beach bride attire? Take a look at this list of what to consider when choosing your bridal attire for a beach event.


1.    Consider the location and climate of your beach wedding when choosing your attire

Pay close attention to details of the location and the atmosphere. Then match the attire to this.


2.    Opt for a light and airy dress that won’t be too hot or heavy to wear in the summer heat

Beach weddings are only possible in summer and spring. During these times, it tends to get pretty hot. Utilize light colors and breathable fabrics for a refined beach bridal look. 


3.    Choose colors and fabrics that will complement the natural surroundings and ocean views

Incorporate cool and earthy tones to blend in with the environment. Avoid using colors such as black, cream and white.


4.    Keep accessories minimal to avoid taking away from the beauty of your gown

Letting your natural surroundings highlight the beauty of your wedding dress is critical. Accessories can be very loud, especially outdoors with a lot of sunlight. This can distract your guests, taking away all the attention from your wedding dress.


5.    If you’re planning on wearing a veil, make sure it’s made from a lightweight fabric like tulle or chiffon

Again, light and airy fabric can salvage you from the hot weather. Make sure your veil is well tucked. The last thing you want is a veil taken by the wind.


6.    Have fun with your bridal hairstyle – go for a messy updo or half-up style that will stay in place while you’re dancing in the sand

Consider a messier look for your hairstyle while you get married with the sun under your toes. Even a fishtail braid can create an elegant beachy look.

Things to consider for your beach wedding guest attire

Unlike everyday wedding celebrations, there are some minor variations in fabric and print. Look at this list of things to consider for the guest attire at your beach wedding.


1.    Beach weddings are typically casual, so guests can wear whatever they feel comfortable in

Compared to traditional cocktail, semi-formal and formal dresses, beach dresses are more casual. Consider fun prints, breathable fabrics and chunky heels.

2.    That said, it’s still important to look polished and put-together

Beach weddings are casual with a tint of elegance. A dress, suit or jumpsuit up the elegance at a beach wedding. Avoid denim and cotton t-shirts as it makes the vibe feel too casual.


3.    Ladies can wear sundresses, skirts or shorts with a nice blouse or top

Opt for solid, light colors. For shoes, go for a pair of formal sandals since stilettos will get lost in the sand.


4.    Men can wear khakis or slacks with a polo shirt or button-up shirt

Just like for the women, solid colors and breathable fabrics. Shoes can be any nice pair of shoes that compliment the slacks.


5.    If you’re worried about the sand and surf ruining your outfit, consider bringing a change of clothes for after the ceremony

If the reception is not held on the beach, you can go for a more classy look. For the women, a black dress and some heels. The men can wear a suit with a nice pair of shoes.

6.    Don’t forget to bring sunglasses and sunscreen – you’ll likely be outside all day!

Last but not least, don’t forget to consider your guests’ skin. To get this day’s ultimate enjoyment, add sunglasses and sunscreen to the list of must-haves for the beach guest attire.


Whether it’s the location, weather, or bridal and guest attire, planning your beach wedding down to the T will leave you with a fun and memorable bridal event.

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