Why Tie A Knot On Outfits Is So Popular In 2020?


Tie a knot on outfits is always a great way to have a different look. You can adjust the knot by yourself according to your body shape and personal preference. As a fashion element, tying a knot on outfits can be traced back to the 50s.



Audrey Hepburn is a big fan of blouses, we can learn different ways to rock a blouse from her. Tying a knot on a blouse is one of her favorite ways to style a blouse, a midi skirt completed the elegant and chic look.

So how about the knot trend this year? If you are interested in changing your look by tying a knot, then you can’t miss out on today’s introduction! Let’s check it out!

1. Tie A Knot On Your Chest



Compared to the past few years, the trending knot this year is bigger and more exaggerated which looks much flowier. Are you ready to show your sexy body this season? Tying a knot on the chest is the most popular way to style a top.




You can also go for a one-piece dress with a knot on the chest which looks so romantic and cute. We highly suggest you try it if you have a pear shape.

The most common style is tying a flowy knot on blouses which creates a deep V neckline.


You could also DIY a knot with your old blouse just like many influencers did on Instagram. First, unbutton your blouse, and then tie a knot as high as possible. The picture above will give you an idea of what we mean.




Tying a knot on bikini tops are also very popular this season, it looks like a big candy on your chest. You could also wear it as a bra top and pair it with an oversized suit to make a fashion statement!

2. Tie A Knot On Your Waist



Compared to tying a knot on the chest, tying a knot on the waist is friendly to more people especially when you don’t want to show much of your skin, and you can pair it with more bottoms. The most common style is doing it yourself with a white blouse.



French women love tying knots on check blouses, it looks like they are going to a picnic with a straw bag.


Tying a knot on T-shirts is a classic styling tip, we suggest you tie higher this season to turn T-shirts to crop tops. Get some inspirations from the picture above!

3. Tie A Knot On Your Back



If you think tying a knot on the chest or waist is too common for you, then you could try to tie on your back. However, compared to the first two ways, it’s difficult to tie a knot on the back by yourself, we suggest you buy a ready-made top if you want to try this style.



Halter tops with a deep V neckline are perfect to tie a knot on because it easily creates a vintage and sexy vibe as the pictures above show.

That’s today’s introduction about why tie a knot on outfits is so popular, are you plan to have a try this season? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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