What Type of Dresses Should You Wear for Valentine’s Day Dating?

a sexy off the shoulder dress

Valentine’s Day is coming and people are starting to buy presents and make reservations everywhere to spend a romantic moment with their sweethearts! The thing with this special day is that choosing the outfit is usually quite simple, while for women, it’s a whole different world.

Looking for a beautiful outfit to wear this coming Valentine’s Day? Worried about what you should choose? Relax! In this article you’ll find outfit tips for Valentine’s Day dating along with all the information and every single detail you will need to have an idea of what dresses wear for Valentine’s Day dating.

Hey! Searching for dress outfit for the coming Valentine’s Day dating in 2020?

a sexy red dress

If you have a date and you’re wondering what dresses wear for Valentine’s Day dating, here are some tips that will help you.

The first thing you need to consider is the type of date you’re having: a formal cocktail, a romantic dinner at a special restaurant, a relaxed date at the movies, and so on. Why is this relevant? Well, you don’t want to put on a sexy floor-length gown just to go out for dinner and finally feel uncomfortable on how overdressed you are.

Fix your budget. Believe it or not, this will narrow down your options, making it much easier for you to choose your perfect outfit. Why spend too much time looking at a dress you cannot afford? With your budget in mind, you’ll be faster.

What’s trendy this 2020 for Valentine’s? Fortunately, there’s a wide range of styles you can choose from, but keep this in mind: mini dresses are totally making a dramatic return to the fashion world, and we all know nothing compares to the confidence portrayed by wearing them.

Here are some gorgeous dress styles for this 2020 Valentine’s Day dating

As promised, here go some beautiful dress ideas for Valentine’s Day dating.

1. Sexy Red Cocktail Dress for Valentine’s Day Dating

Ring the fire alarm! This sexy killer red cocktail dress with a deep V-neck will set everyone in the room on fire! With a concealed zipper in the back, this asymmetrical petal skirt dress will give you a huge dose of confidence in that romantic Valentine’s night. It’s made of a stretchy material which flatters your curves in the best way possible. However, beware! It’s a short dress, so make sure you’ll feel confident in it.

a sexy red short dress2. Short Lace Cocktail for Valentine’s Day Dating

The first option was too bold for you, yet you love short dresses? Here’s another option for short-dress lovers! With a sleeveless halter neckline, this sexy yet elegant mini lace dress shows some curves and maintains a bit of sobriety at the same time. For a no-bra option, the bust is padded. It also has a concealed zipper in the back.

a sexy short lace dress3. Floor-length tulle dress for Valentine’s Day Dating

Celebrating Valentine’s in a more formal way? This absolutely romantic dress is made of a flowy tulle skirt and has some delicate floral applique details on the chest. If you are having a special party or a very formal dinner for Valentine’s, this pink romantic and chic dress will make you feel the princess of the fairytale.

a romantic dress4. Sexy Fishtail Maxi Dress for Valentine’s Day Dating

Keeping the idea of a formal night out on Valentine’s day, another option –a bolder one- is this double V-neck fishtail evening maxi dress that will blow everyone’s minds. With beautifully- sequined tulle, a shimmery leave design and a deep V-neck, this gown mixes sexy and romantic images. Want a more colorful option? Good news! You can choose from orchid, gold, dusty navy, navy blue, burgundy, silver, black and white.

an elegant evening gown

Any other outfit tips for Valentine’s Day dating?

Finally, we have some extra outfit tips for Valentine’s Day dating you should also consider before starting to get ready for your special night.

a couple is dating

  • Show some skin. Although it’s not necessary to show too much, covering yourself from neck to toes will give your partner the wrong impression: this coverage may be interpreted as a stay away!
  • Respect your shape and size: you can wear tight clothes if you want to, but they shouldn’t be too tight. Respect your size: don’t try to squeeze into a size 7 if you’re actually a 10, this will not help highlight your curves at all and also, you will certainly feel uncomfortable because, who can feel relaxed in an outfit that is 3 sizes smaller?
  • Not a dress person? That’s fine. You don’t have to wear a dress if they are not your first option. You can combine some delicate jeans with a delicate cashmere sweater, for example. This is actually a sweet and elegant combination for a relaxed type of date.
  • Consider your makeup: going to a formal cocktail? Then a strong makeup could be a good option if your dress is not too shiny. Going to the cinema or dinner? Go for a lighter makeup that makes look casual. Whatever you choose, always remember to focus just on one are: lips or eyes. You can’t highlight everything.
  • Choose some beautiful accessories. Here it doesn’t matter if you’re having a formal or a casual date: accessories should always be part of your outfit. If you’re wearing a plain V-neck dress, you can add an attractive necklace. If you’re not going to wear a necklace, you can go for big earrings. Lastly don’t forget to always add a purse! You don’t want to be carrying your staff in your hands or asking your partner to hold then for you.


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By M. Guillermina Bagilet

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