What Need to Prepare for Black Friday Prom Dress Shopping


Turkey, pumpkin pies and stuffing are on their way for Thanksgiving, a special holiday tradition will pick up Friday, November 29th- BLACK FRIDAY!

Have You Set Your Plan for 2019 Black Friday Shopping?

According to the sales statistics of the previous years, electronics sold out the fastest on Black Friday. And most people shop for discount holiday gifts and bargain basement prices on housewares. However, do you know that Black Friday is also the perfect opportunity for girls to find the best deals on prom dresses? November and December are already the best months to buy a prom dress because retailers and boutiques usually need to create more room for the next season’s collections. You will get the best price of a prom dress when these discounts meet Black Friday deals. So you do need a dress shopping plan for Black Friday if you plan to attend some formal occasions the following days.

The Preparations for Shopping Prom Dresses on Black Friday


1. Set A Budget for Shopping Prom dresses on Black Friday

When it comes to how to prepare before prom dress Black Friday shopping, setting a budget is always the first step that you should do. However, it is easier said than done because Black Friday deals are so great, people are easily to overspend. Even so, you should set a budget for your prom dress and stick to it. And you should make sure how many prom dresses you want to buy on Black Friday, because “spend more, save more” is one of the most common deals, you could ask your friends to share the bill to save more.

2. Do Your Research about Prom Dresses Before Black Friday

Doing your research and getting prepared before Black Friday is very important. You can learn different fashion trends and elements from fashion runways, “fashion weeks” and fashion publications. Fashion bloggers and celebrities often share their daily looks on social media (especially on Instagram), so follow their accounts are another easy way to get some inspirations of your dream prom dress.

Visit some boutiques and try on as many prom dresses as possible. You might have an idea of what you want, but you’ll most like change your mind after trying on different dresses. After that, you’ll know exactly what you’re after on Black Friday, or at least you’ve narrowed down your choices.

3. Check Coupon, Discounts and Black Friday Deals In Advance

Signing up for email newsletters, following on social media or calling local boutiques and stores in advance to find out all of the Black Friday deals, coupons and discounts. We suggest you do this preparation work at least one week before Black Friday because retailers often offer detailed information to their members in advance.

For instance, Ever-Pretty will start to offer Black Friday deals from November, 23rd. Click here to sign up and get our email delivered directly to your inbox! Check the previous post of How To Get Affordable Prom Dresses on 2019 Black Friday to know more detailed discount information and shopping tips.

4. Familiarize Yourself With Return & Exchange Policy

Whether you plan to buy a prom dress for yourself or as a gift, you should know the store return & exchange policy which can really get you. For example, you’ll want to be aware if price matching is applicable on Black Friday price, or you can apply to return within the validity period if someone else doesn’t like the prom dress.

Where Can You Shop New Prom Dress Trends on 2019 Black Friday?


Prom Dress trends change every year. So where can you find 2019 Black Friday prom dress trends and shop a prefect prom dress at a great price? Here are some suggestions:

  • Shop New Prom Dress Trends 2019 in Local Boutiques or Go Window Shopping.

If you are lucky, you may find a similar prom dress which you like on the fashion runways, red carpets or magazines in your local boutiques or stores. Check our previous post Top 3 Prom Dresses Trend in 2019 Fall and Winter to learn more detailed prom dress trends and get some inspirations!

  • Explore Prom Dress Trends 2019 Online

You can also keep pace with the latest prom dress trend without conquering a bustling shopping center or spending too much in a local boutique. Online shopping is the most convenient way to buy an affordable prom dress.

When it comes to affordable prom dresses, we have to suggest you visit Ever-Pretty, which has over 14 years of experience in the fashion industry, hundreds of different prom dresses are all under $100 and in high quality.


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