How to Wear Purple in Style 2020


Purple is one of the most romantic colors, and it became popular since the color experts at Pantone declared ultraviolet purple the color of the year in 2018, and purple has been steadily picking up steam ever since. We introduced how to style lavender items in 2019, please click here if you are interested. Now in 2020, we can see more IT girls wear purple everywhere, and we think that we will see purple at peak levels this year. Today we will show you how to wear different purple outfits in style! Let’s check it out!

1. Purple Cardigans



We guess that you must already had one or two cardigans in your wardrobe now. If you plan to add a new one, we highly suggest you try a light purple or pink-purple cardigan this year, especially if you are a big fan of French style.




The easiest way to wear a purple cardigan in style is pair with white or other light colors trousers. You can also pair with floral dresses and skirts in spring and early summer.

2. Purple Suits



Suits have been popular for years. We suggest you add a new suit this year! Soft purple suits and trousers are the best choices, especially when you attend some formal occasions and you do not want to wear a formal dress.



If you think a whole set of purple suits are not your daily style, you can try to pair a purple suit with your jeans, skirt to create a daily chic look all seasons!

3. Purple Shirts



To be honest, purple shirts are not as popular as other purples items above. However, purple shirts are the easiest item to wear in our daily life.



We suggest you try a purple silk or satin shirt which looks pretty gorgeous, and you can pair with some colorful trousers or skirts to make a standout look among crowds.

4. Purple Dresses



If you don’t know to pair with a purple item, then we suggest you go for a purple dress! Just wear a pair of sandals in white or other light colors, you can go out to have fun!



The floral purple dress is the most popular item among purple dresses for its sweet and romantic vibe.



You can also try a purple skirt which is friendly to most skin colors. Whether a pair with a dark color or bright color, you can never go wrong with a purple skirt.

That’s today’s instruction on how to wear purple in style, which purple item is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!


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