How To Wear Different Trousers in Style 2020


Black trousers and blue jeans are the most versatile trousers in our daily life. Except dresses, most people almost wear these two trousers every day. Are you a little tired of wearing them day after day? If so, you are lucky! Today we will introduce other colors of trousers and show you how to wear them in style! Let’s check it out!

1. White Trousers


Now you might be shaking your head thinking that white trousers are unflattering and difficult to keep them clean. That is simply not true, trust us, white trousers are also versatile at all seasons only if you know how to choose and style. We introduced wide leg white pants in summer before, that are the perfect pants which can transition between air-condition rooms and hot summer heat.


For cooler months, the biggest advantage of white trousers is that they are fresh and can easily break the sense of heaviness which brought by cloudy sky and cold air. What’s better is that white trousers can solve many outfit pairing problems, you can try to add white trousers to the top outfit which is difficult to pair with. For example, many people may think suit jackets can age them, try white trousers to make you look younger and fresh! You can even pair them with down jackets!


Compared to close-fitting and long white trousers, wide leg and ninth white trousers are more comfortable and fashionable. You can pair with interesting socks and boots.

2. Earth Tones Trousers


Earth tones are a winter staple without a doubt. However, you could also wear choose tones in spring and summer, especially for business wear.


Whether you want to be bold or low key, you can always pair khaki trousers with any tops, such as hoody, shirt, etc.


You can also wear earth tones from head to foot which will easily give a high fashion vibe. Trust me, you will find a new world of possibilities.


You can’t miss out the caramel trousers when it comes to earth tones. Whether pair with a white lace blouse or a navy blue sweater, caramel trousers have a vintage vibe which is the reason why almost each French influencer has one. You can wear it all year around.

3. Burgundy Trousers


Let’s be honest, compare to white trousers and earth tones trousers, burgundy trousers are not the same versatile. However, it’s easy to make you stand out from the crowd if you choose the right burgundy trousers!


Try pink tops with burgundy trousers at your next date, you’ll love it!


Go for a pair of velvet burgundy trousers before summer. Try pairing a burgundy sweater or blouse to burgundy trousers for a totally unexpected and gorgeous look this season!

Are you getting inspired after our introduction? Tell us your thoughts about how to pair with different trousers in the comments below!


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  1. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

  2. Thanks for your sharing, I also like to wear trousers no matter what season. I usually wear it with blouse spring and autumn, and match it with T-shirts or crop tops in the summer.

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