How to Tie a Scarf to Upgrade Your Hair Style


When it comes to incorporating a scarf to your hairstyle, I think most people’s first impression is Audrey Hepburn’s classic style- wrapping the scarf around her head. While this retro style is undoubtedly chic, it is quite difficult to for most to pull off.


Don’t dismay, there are actually several easy ways to incorporate a scarf into your updo that are perfect for vacation and weekend looks, let’s check it out!

1. Tie a scarf on a ponytail

Degree of difficulty: ★



The chicest and easiest way to incorporate a scarf into your look is to simply tie it around your ponytail. This look works great for both high and low ponies!



Long and narrow scarves and kerchiefs are both okay for ponytails. I suggest you should choose the scarf according to your length and volume of hair. Big scarves on ponytails look burdensome so aim for a smaller kerchief that is only slightly longer than your locks. Patterned and colorful strips will really add more oomph to your look!

2. Tie a scarf on a bun

Degree of difficulty: ★★




Scarves are also good friends to buns. Adding a scarf on a high bun can make you look more vibrant, whereas on a low bun, a beautiful scarf can make you look more elegant.



I suggest you choose a small and short scarf if you want to tie it on your bun, a long one will overwhelm the look. This look pairs best with a slightly messy bun.

3. Use a scarf as a hair band

Degree of difficulty: ★★★



This look works well with both long and short hairstyles.


As a hair band, you can choose any scarf in any length and size. However, I suggest you tie the scarf 1-2 cm away from your hairline as to avoid looking bald.

4. Add a scarf to your braids

Degree of difficulty: ★★★★★



If you want a challenge, then I suggest you try to add a scarf to your braids. You can also use a scarf as a hair band and add it to your braids at the same time just as Satomi Ishihara (a famous Japanese actress).


However, this way is unfriendly to people who have large hair volume because scarves are easily to disperse which make your hair look messy, and not in a trendy way.

That’s today’s introduction of how to tie a scarf to upgrade your hair style. Do you want to try it now?


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