How to Take a Perfect Photo at Home?


Maybe many people think only beautiful home decoration can make sure to take a beautiful photo at home. Yes, of course you can take a better photo at home if your home decoration is beautiful. However, you can also achieve it with simple home decoration. Today, I will introduce how to take a perfect photo at home. Let’s check it out!

1. A Clean Wall




I believe that you at least have a clean wall in your house. White wall is a good photo background as it is bright and simple which can enhance your personal characteristic. If your wall is other color, or you have some paintings on the wall, then you have a better chance to take a great photo.

2. Window Screenings




Sheer window screening is a good photography prop at home because it makes light softer, and soft light always make people look more beautiful. If you don’t want to show your face, then you can just turn around and stand in front of the sheer window screening.

3. A Chair




It’s important to make a right pose if you want to take a perfect photo on a chair. The secret is extending your tiptoes which elongates your legs and makes them look more slender. The pictures above will give you an idea of what I mean.

4. A Sofa




The same as a chair, a sofa is another great photography prop at home. You can just lie on your side to show a sexy body shape. Sit on the sofa while handing your chin to look like you are thinking. And sitting on the sofa handrail is an interesting photography idea if you have a long sofa.

That’s today’s introduction of how to take a perfect photo at home. Do you want to have a try?


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