3 Hottest Hair Accessories Trends You Should Know


Summer is here, the right hair accessories could help you create a new look without changing your hairstyle. Did you notice that many hair accessories that were popular when we were children came back these years? Yes, today we will introduce the hottest 3 hair accessories 2021 you should know! Let’s check it out and change your summer look!

1. Hair Bands


The hairband is a classic fashion item without a doubt. The picture of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly will give an idea about what we mean.





Fashion is always on the move. There are many different kinds of hair bands now. The hottest hair band style is wide and thick, we can see it everywhere especially on Instagram. The silk and velvet hair band are gorgeous and luxurious while the check one is more vintage and low-key.



If you want something more delicate and elegant, we suggest you try a crystal or pearl hairband which easily creates a romantic and fairy vibe. Exaggerated pearl hairband loos vintage and gorgeous which is a perfect hair accessory to take photos, but it is not so suitable for everyday wear. We suggest you try something thinner to wear in daily life.

2. Hair Ties



Many people might think hair ties are out of style nowadays. Actually, they come back too.



The hottest hair tie style is a silk hair tie that is full of femininity. You can even wear a silk hair tie on the wrist as a fashion accessory. Some people also call it “hair cloud”.



Expect the silk hair tie, organza hair ties are also on big trend now. They are much more romantic and fairy.




Wear a hair tie at the hair end is another hot trend this season. Bowknot style hair tie is a good choice which is super cute and romantic. You can also tie a scarf as a hair tie as we introduced in the previous post how to tie a scarf to upgrade your hair style.

3. Hair Pins


Did you ever wear childish hairpins just as Ariana Grande did in the picture above? Yes! Hairpins come back too!



Pearl hairpins are the most classic style which never goes out of style. You can wear it on both sides or hide it in your braids.



Crystal hairpin is another hot choice this season. Many big designer brands have their logo crystal hairpins too. You can easily create an elegant and stunning look with these sparkling hairpins!

That’s today’s introduction about the 3 hottest hair accessories trends in 2021 you should know, which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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