Tips for Rocking Beach Sun Hats This Summer 2021


It wouldn’t be fair to say that sun hats for women are back, because they were never gone. And to be fair to the end, it is always summer somewhere, so beach hats are a must to protect yourself and style your outfits to give them the edge they deserve. Let’s take a closer look at the trends in women’s summer hats for this season. 

Sun hats have been around since heads, right? They have been around since ancient times, and there is strong evidence showing that ancient Egyptian and Greek women used head-wear both for practical and esthetic purposes. Zapping towards the Middle Ages, women were already wearing straw hats for protection during fieldwork, probably not sophisticated pieces – but those were not sophisticated times anyway. 

Next off, hats started to be a fashion item starting the 1700s and 1800s, and French women were adorning their hats with ribbons and laces and flowers, as tan was a big no-no back in the days. Starting with Coco Chanel, who dared to wear a hat at the beach and a tan, sun hats for women started to be the thing in France and worldwide. 

Sun Hats are in Style in 2021


This is a huge understatement. Not only for accessorizing, but for protection as well, sun hats are an outstanding protagonist. We all love the sun, but we don’t love the wrinkles that go with long-term tanning. Sun hats are not only cute, they are necessary, as they protect from UVAs and UVBs, as well as from wind and sometimes from sand flying around when vacationing at the beach. 

Your face skin and your hair will be forever grateful if you pay attention to the details – like sun hats and high-quality eye-wear. 

Top 6 Popular Sun Beach Hat Styles for You

Let’s take a peek at some hat options and see which best fits your preference.

1. The canotier’s hat


Both simple and elegant, the canter is a forever-in-trend hat, and it immediately throws you on the beach if you put it on. You probably saw it on the heads of gondoliers in Venice and have read a lot about the another in Love in the time of cholera, so it is high time you bought one. 

2. The floppy hat


This one is more playful and generous with its brims. The floppy hat is a bit more boho, it covers up more from your head and face and comes in different fabrics and colors. And if you pick a floppy hat from fabrics, this goes well in the city when you return from your vacation. So you can mix it up well with your bikini and earrings. 

3. Wider brim styles


If you for once saw Samantha Jones’ hat in Sex and the city movie, you would never forget that. And like us, you fashionistas would spend a great deal searching for one. This one is the cutting-edge high-end beach hat, with the only disadvantage that it occupies a great deal of space in your luggage. But we all have to suffer for fashion, don’t we?

4. The Fedora


Michael Jackson wore it best, but we can match his performance with great beachwear and an addicting smile. The fedora is another in-style option to be worn both at the beach and in the urban jungle. And we’re all sure that you already have one in your closet. Fedora sun hats for women are among the safest bets in this industry. 

5. The derby hat


Perfect for all styles and ages, and the most appropriate for happy beautiful ladies worldwide, the derby hat is another good pick for beachwear, if you miss childhood and fooling around a bit. And the derby would not cover some lovely long ear-wear if you don’t want to give up your style and identity for a day around the pool. 

6. The bucket hat


We’ve saved the cutest pick in the department for last – and the bucket hat has made it through the ages and seems to be cut from Huckleberry Finn. Ladies and gentlemen, this one last item is perfect for all ages, and works flawless, especially for those around us who don’t insist on taking themselves too seriously. 

Tips for Rocking Beach Sun Hats


Sun hats for women, especially those made up of straw are easy to accessorize and rocked on the beach and around the pool.

Considering their advantages and disadvantages, you can pick a good ol’ fedora if you have an oval-shaped head, a really wide brims hat for squared figures, and a bucket or a derby for smaller heads. If you want to be sure, pick two or three for your vacation, and style them up with large glasses, ribbons, and XXL ear-wear. 

Straw hats are quite neutral, so any bikini or full swimsuit goes perfectly. It depends on you: if you feel the urge to protect your elbows as well, so the size can differ. 

Last but not least, color is completely up to you, as producers make hats in all shapes and colors, even the straw ones. For a really elegant approach, our suggestion would be for a large brims black straw hat. 

Just don’t forget: your best friends are women’s summer hats, sunglasses, a touch of SPF, and a huge smile on your face. By hiding behind your beach hat and sunglasses with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other, you will have it all, so savor it!

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