How To Wear White Loafers, White Mules and White Sandals In Style?


When it comes to spring and summer, most people choose to wear white shoes more and more frequent, because white shoes easily freshen up your spring and summer look. What’s better is that white is the best color choice as a transition item, which means you can pair white with any other color without going wrong.

What’s your first impression when it comes to white shoes? You may think of white sneakers which already in most of people’s shoe cabinet. However, there are many other white shoes that are on hot trend this spring and summer, such as oxford shoes, sandals, pointed shoes, loafers…

Here comes the question: which white shoes are the most worth buying this season? Don’t fret, we’ve rounded up the top 3 white shoes that are in different styles for different occasions. Let’s check it to find some shopping inspirations!

1. The Coolest Shoes: White Loafers

Loafers are one of the most comfortable and fashion shoes without a doubt. You can easily pair loafers with most of outfits in daily life.

Evolved from men’s shoes, loafers are naturally cool. Unlike oxford shoes which needs shoelaces, loafers are one-piece shoes that are very convenient to wear. Compared to black loafers, white loafers easily add a casual and youthful vibe to your look which is more suitable for spring and summer.

If you are a big fan of loafers, you must feel the same way that loafers are a versatile item that can pair with so many different outfits, especially the work clothes, such suit pants. The photos below will give you an idea about what we mean.

Don’t forget to try the classic styling tips: white on white! Pair white loafers with white trousers which easily makes a high fashion vibe, and you can choose any white trousers in different styles and fabrics.

Of course you can pair white loafers with skirts which can make an elegant and gentle look, such as midi skirt, pleated skirt and knit skirt.

2. The Most Casual Shoes: White Mules

As the weather is getting warmer and warmer, more and more people start to wear mules, because they are so convenient to wear in summer! Compared to other women’s shoes, mules are super casual just like slippers; however, compared to open-toed slippers, mules have a little bit formal vibe that you can wear them in most occasions.

There are many different mules. The most common mules shoes style is loafer mules which is cool. If you already have loafers and are on a budget, then you don’t need to buy a pair of mules.

Pointed mules are the most popular style these years because the pointed toe cap design makes people look slenderer. However, every coin has two sides, the disadvantage of pointed mules is that they make your feet look bigger.

We suggest you choose flat mules in daily life because they are the most casual. If you want to build a chic look, kitten heels will be a good choice which also add a vintage touch.

As for stiletto heel mules, sexy, feminine and attractive, they are totally different from other mules. However, most of stiletto heel mules don’t fit the feet perfectly when people walk. It is better to take a great picture with them rather than wear them for a long time.

If you want to buy stiletto heel mules, we suggest you go for the style with a straps on the instep which looks like Mary Jane shoes, because the straps enhance both the comfort and fit of the shoes.

3. The Most Refreshing Shoes: White Strappy Sandals

As summer is coming, it’s time to add a pair of new sandals to your shoe cabinet! White strappy sandals must be on the list of the hottest sandal these years, because the simple strappy design instantly elongates your torse and makes your below body look more proportioned. The thin strap also allows you to make a sexy look.

When it comes to how to wear white strappy sandals in style, we highly suggest you try to pair with lightsome skirts or jeans. White strappy sandals are refreshing, so it is perfect with lightsome skirts, such as silk skirt or slip dress which easily makes a vacation look.

Another perfect item to pair with white strappy sandals is jeans. Cool jeans and sexy strappy sandals make a unique chic look this season. We suggest you go for straight-leg jeans and loose jeans.

There are many different strappy sandals styles, the basic style is one strap which is the simplest style, but we suggest you not choose the high heel style because the fixed effect of one-strap basic sandals is usually not good.

The two or three straps, or cross straps styles are much more comfortable and look more interesting. Some strappy sandals have the flip-flop design which have better fixed effect when walking.

For more straps, it’s more difficult to wear them in style, because these strappy sandals visually divide your feet(instep) into several pieces which also easily press out your feet(instep). The photos below will give you an idea about what we mean. We suggest you not choose many straps style, two or three straps are enough if you want to try white strappy sandals this season.

By the way, Roman sandals become popular again this season! It’s easy to make a chic look with Roman sandals as they are super chic and special. If you want to catch others’ eye, go for a pair of Roman sandals!

That’s today’s introduction about the most worth buying white shoes this spring and summer. Are you getting inspired after our introduction? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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