How to Rock Burgundy Red: 3 Color Pairings that Can’t Go Wrong


Although burgundy is not as bright as a true red, it has a unique retro and enchanting vibe that no other color can compete with. And it remains one of the hottest wedding color years after year!



I’m sure you must already have 1 or 2 burgundy items in your wardrobe. If you don’t, what are you waiting for?! So today I’m going to wake your wardrobe up by introducing 3 unique color pairings for burgundy. Let’s check it out!

1. Burgundy and pink



Complement the rich tones of burgundy with pale pink for a girly and retro look at The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel above. This classic monochromatic pairing gives off some serious 50s vibes!



The easiest way to achieve this cute burgundy and pink combo is to pick some burgundy/pink accessories, such as a hat, a scarf or a bag just like in the photo above.

2. Burgundy and caramel



Caramel colored clothing has really risen in popularity over the last few years. (Click here if you are interested in caramel color pairing which I introduced before.) Similar to burgundy, caramel also has a retro vibe. So this color combo means a serious commitment to a retro aesthetic.



If you think statement burgundy and caramel pieces are too heavy for you, you can just add a bag or other small accessory to achieve this color combo.

3. Burgundy and grey



Actually, you can pair black, white and grey with any color and never go wrong. They are called neutrals for a reason! Many other bloggers have talked about black and white, so I want to introduce grey and burgundy today which is the easiest to copy. These two are the perfect complement to each other.



Fashion has nothing to do with age. The right accessory can brighten the whole look.

Which color combo is your favorite in today’s introduction? Do you have any other color pairings you recommend with burgundy? Tell us in the comments below! You can also check our other winter dressing tips posts by clicking here:

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