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I’m sure you’ve seen and maybe even participated in the viral “Instagram VS reality” trend that’s been all over Instagram. Actually it’s not a new topic, it’s been around since the early days of Instagram, but its relevance tends to flare up periodically. Why? I think because it’s important to remember that Instagram is a highlight reel. It can be inspiration and aspirational but it can also cause feelings of inadequacy so these posts are great reality checks. Today, let’s talk about this interesting topic!

1. Behind each beautiful photo is an embarrassing set up




Some beautiful photos just “look beautiful” but the process of getting into them is anything but. Maybe you have to do something embarrassing or fail many times in order to get the perfect shot which cropping and filters help you achieve. These photos are rarely ever effortless.

2. Getting the perfect body is maybe just a matter of changing your posture





Never underestimate the power of posture and body position to dramatically change the way your body looks in photos. As the pics above prove, same body just different angle.

3. Some “beautiful lives” are maybe just imaginary





Some posts of #InstagramVSReality is a photo of imaginary scenes VS a photo of reality. In your imagination, maybe you want to always wear beautiful clothes, be elegant and always ready to be snapped, however, reality is cruel, no one can always be perfect every time and every place.

To sum up, we like showing our bodies and lives in the best light and that’s totally normal and okay. Why shouldn’t we show our best side, right? But we should always keep in mind that we never know how a person looks all the time, so don’t compare yourself to a picture you see online. We are worthy anyway!

What do you think of these #InstagramVSReality posts? Tell me in the comments below!


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