Give The Outfit A Name: #46



The contest has ended. Be sure to enter again next week!

Winning Outfit Name: Over The Clouds

Winner: Maryam Ibrahim

Note: Entries are made public via comments and therefore, we cannot delete any entries. Submitting a name used by any other site or brand will disqualify your entry. Must be 13+ with parent/guardian consent or 18+ to enter. Winner must reply to email within 24 hours to claim prize. Please be noticed that your comment is possibly not show immediately due to WordPress system, we will check it manually.

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69 responses to “Give The Outfit A Name: #46”

  1. Laying Under the clear blue sky

    Light as a floating feather

    Ocean waves under clouds of white

    Seagulls grazing the water

    A Hammock under the blue skies

    Blueberry cotton candy

    Comfy and Light

    Sleeping softly under the blue skies

  2. Bed in the clouds
    Floatting clouds
    Relax on clouds
    Peaceful walk in the clouds
    Flying through the clouds

  3. Nostalgic Summer
    Baby I Dream of You
    Wispy Lullaby
    Don’t Wake Me From My Daydream
    Tie-dye Sky
    Lovely in Blue
    Born to Fly
    Modest Dreams


  5. Tie-Dye is back

    The desired design

    Psychedelic print

    It’s Tie-Dye Time

    Stay Cool With Tie-Dye

    Clouds dream team

    Me and my clouds

    Dreaming in blue

    The original comfort

    Deliciously comfy

  6. Summer Dreams
    Dreamy Sky
    Look and See
    Dreamy Me
    Sleepy Dream
    Spotty Sky
    Spotty Dreams
    Blue Wishes
    Beachy Day
    Summer Wishes
    Summer Kisses
    Tie Die Dreams
    Tie Die Kisses

  7. Dreaming in sea foam
    Sleepy summer
    Chilling in ice blue
    Baby blue beauty
    Dreaming of tie die
    Cool blue
    Chillin’ in cool blue clouds
    Sleepy sea breeze
    Sleeping softly baby blue

  8. Cotton blue
    Through the plane window
    Cloudy and sweet
    Soaring high
    Cotton candy
    Dreaming of the sky
    Cotton in heaven
    Treading clouds
    Blue mist
    Misty blue

  9. Cloud 9 dreamer
    Dreaming in cool cotton
    Sweet aqua dreams
    Cool summer chills
    Lazy daze
    Wrapped in cotton clouds
    Sky blue dreamer

  10. Cloudy sky
    Relaxing sky
    Ease the sky
    Laze the blue gaze
    Soften the sky
    The sky lounge
    Pacific lounge
    Sedate the cotton
    Cool and fresh
    Simmer down the sky
    Soothe and steady
    Lull under the sky
    Cool hush
    Ozmatic drive
    Breathe the heaven
    Sky baby
    Tie the mellow die
    A mellow touch
    The sky is the limit
    Cloud 9
    Heaven on earth
    Gentle Mellow
    Dreamy sky
    Touch the sky
    Cloudy castle
    Silver linings
    Let me take you away
    The sky under which I dream
    Silver sky moments
    Aim for the sky
    Let’s fly
    Look up
    Lift me carefree
    Wish the sky
    Aesthetic sky
    Flow with it
    Happy waves
    Sugar and sea
    Soulful waves
    Make some waves
    Sky daze
    Lazy breeze
    Hello sky
    Blue lagoon

  11. Let me fly Let me touch the Sky
    Smell The Sea and Feel The Sky
    Never Tired Of The Blue Sky
    Tie Dye in The Sky
    The Clouds & Beyond
    Like A Tie Dye In The Sky
    Angel’s Robe
    Sleep in the Clouds Dream in the Sky
    Behold the Beauty Of the Sky
    Keep Calm & Wear Tie Dye
    Comfy & Cloudy
    Out Of The Blue Sky
    Trending Tie Dye
    Fly High in Tie Dye
    Blue-tiful Clouds

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