Give The Dress A Name: #43



The contest has ended. Be sure to enter again next week!

Winning Dress Name: You Melt Mauve Heart

Winner: Nishi

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Note: Entries are made public via comments and therefore, we cannot delete any entries. Submitting a name used by any other site or brand will disqualify your entry. Must be 13+ with parent/guardian consent or 18+ to enter. Winner must reply to email within 24 hours to claim prize. Please be noticed that your comment is possibly not show immediately due to WordPress system, we will check it manually.


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64 responses to “Give The Dress A Name: #43”

  1. Pink lavender Waterfall
    Whispering Lily
    Blooming Pink Liliy
    Orchid kisses
    Spring petals
    Dusty rose
    Swing petals
    Dancing under almond blossoms
    Dancing blossoms
    Spring song
    Spring dance
    Lavender’s touch
    Lavender’s smell
    Rose petal
    Angelic mauve
    Beauty in orchid petals
    Lavender love princess
    Buterflies kiss
    Dancing purple butterflies

  2. ‘Claudette’

    The dress has a touch of 1930s Hollywood glamour so I would name it after Claudette Colbert one of the glamorous 1930s Hollywood movie stars

  3. Rose petals
    Princess of roses
    Princess of petals
    Pretty In Dusky Lavender
    silk lavender petals
    Pink Peony
    midnight lotus
    Belle of the ball
    Lavender kiss
    Lavender’s belle
    Orchid’s belle
    Kissed by purple petals
    Violet petals kisses
    purple petals
    kissed by mauves butterfly
    kissing orchid’s bloom
    lavender’s belle
    blooming spring petals

  4. Graceful silken mauve
    Silky rose petals
    Pretty in silky mauve
    Silk Primroses
    A kiss In The Evening Sunset
    Dancing under pink waterfall
    Pink waterfall dance
    Pink waterfalls Princess
    Pink waterfall beauty
    silky pink waterfalls
    Silky pearl in dusty pink

  5. – Aurora
    – Sleeping Beauty
    – Rose
    – Pink Petals
    – Silky Rose Petals
    – Rose Petals
    – Dream
    – True Dream
    – Sweet Dreams
    – Blushed Satin
    – Blushed Silk
    – Blossom
    – Bubblegum
    – Pink Desire
    – Ballerina Dream
    – Marshmallow
    – Jar of Hearts
    – Cotton Candy
    – Silky Dream
    – Pink Pearl Dream
    – Dusty Pearl
    – Pretty in Pink
    – Pretty in Silk
    – Blushed Magnolia
    – Magnolia Dream
    – Pink Dhalia
    – Melody Pink
    – Pink Melody
    – Sweet Desire
    – Sweet Night

  6. Platinium kiss
    Platinium pink
    Romantic night
    Romantic pink
    Romantic spring
    Princess in mauve
    Galaxy pink
    silver mauve_ulous

  7. disco lights
    under pink discoball
    flashing party
    color strobe lighting
    flashing pinky
    Galaxy mauve
    Lavender star dust
    Midnight pink light
    Midnight dance
    80 ‘ dancer

  8. Dazzling lilac number

    Graceful dance of lilac

    Lavender sky

    Lavender waltz

    Lilac swooning

    Orchids dance under moonlight

    Orchids dancing in midnight

    Lilak dance under moonlight

    Midnight dance of orchids

    Pink moonlight

    Summer moonlight

    Mauve_ulous moonlight

    Galaxy moonlight

    Galaxy pink light

    Falling for platinium pink

  9. The pink Galaxy
    Galaxy pink lights
    Galaxy lights
    Silver pink clouds
    Romantic dance
    Romantic summer dance
    Romantic summer lights

  10. Pink Shimmer
    Rose shimmer
    mauve shimmer
    Sultry Rose
    sultry pink
    Sultry mauve
    In the mauve
    In the Pink
    in the pink shimmer
    Luxe pink shimmer
    luxe rose shimmer
    luxe mauve
    Pink romance
    rose romance
    Pretty in pink
    Ever pretty in pink
    Rose pearl
    Pearly rose
    mauve pearl
    mauve romance
    blushing rose
    blushing mauve
    blushing pink

  11. Cotton Candy Bliss
    Cotton Candy Dreams
    Cotton Candy and Fairy Dust
    Cotton Candy Shimmer
    Spun Sugar Shimmer
    Spun Sugar Sparkle
    Satin Spun Sugar
    Fairy Dust Shimmer
    Fairy Dust Dream
    Fairy Dust Sparkle
    Fairy Dust Fantasy
    What Dreams Are Made Of
    Rose Petal Princess
    Rose Petal Pearl
    Petals and Pearls
    Pearly Rose Shimmer
    Isn’t It Romantic?
    Rose Petal Romance
    Pretty In Pink
    Pretty In Pearl
    Pretty In Pink Pearl
    Pretty Pink Pearl
    Pearly Pink Princess
    Ever-Pretty In Pink
    Ever-Pretty In Pearl
    Satin Petal Shimmer
    Pearly Petal Shimmer

  12. Above the swell
    Underneath the light
    I see truth somewhere in your eyes
    Perfect imperfections
    My inspiration
    For infinity
    Promise of colour
    A glimmer of light
    An angel calling
    True strength

  13. – Pearl touches
    – Pearl soul
    – Pure elegance
    – Pearl waterfall
    – Lilac breeze
    – Pearl flicker
    – Pearl caress
    – Pearl sparkle
    – The story of pearls

  14. Pink glamour
    Mauve glamour
    Jazz it up
    Pink it up
    Pearl it up
    Pink whisper
    Mauve whisper
    Glitzed mauve
    Glitzed pink
    Glitzed kiss
    Glitzed dance
    Majestic kiss
    Majestic nude
    Nude it up

  15. Glitzed lilac

    Icy lilac

    Diamond drip on frensh lace

    Dusty mauve

    Rose gold glitter

    Silver baby pink glitter

    Cachemire lilac

    Day dream

    Pink dreams

    Dusty dreams

    Dancing on icy lilac

    Pinky promise

    Pink illusion


    Lilac Flirt

    young love

    Eternal love

  16. Dancing on lilac ice
    Dancing on an Ice Lilac
    Dancing in the frozen lavender lake
    Beauty in pearly lilac
    Beauty lilac
    Iced lilac bloom

  17. Satin Beauty

    Lavender Wine

    Lavender Champagne

    Blooming Orchids

    Summer Evening Sunset

    Garden Wedding

    Scented Bouquet

    I Will Dance All Night

  18. Lilac ice wine

    Lilac on ice

    Lilac dancing in moonlight

    Dancing lilac in the moonlight

    Lilac meadows in the moonlight

    Lilac in the moonlight

  19. Mauve Moonlight
    Twilight Venus
    Mauve Wave
    Mauve suave
    I Love You Mauve
    The Mauve The Merrier
    Dusky Orchid Beauty
    Pudding full of plums
    I believe in MauveGic
    Dress to Express
    You Melt Mauve Heart
    Keep Calm and Love Mauve
    Melting Cotton Candy
    Melting Gelato
    Silky Tulips
    Dripping Berries Syrup
    I like to Mauve it Mauve it
    The Pearl with a Twirl
    The Girl And A Pearl
    The Glassy Sea
    Elegance Redefined
    Mauve Magic
    Oh So MauveGical..!!
    Lilac Lily
    Sleek Chic
    Monochromatic Mauve
    Blooming Lily
    Mauve Sweetheart
    Blush Wine
    Pearl Of The Night
    Precious As A Pearl
    Pink Sky Over Paris
    An Eve in Paris
    Blooming Lotus
    MauveGical Lotus Lake
    Prettiest Pearl
    Cherry Blossom
    The Satin Lake
    Slipping Through The Night
    Candy Of My Eye
    Valentine Neckline
    Melt In Mauve Arms..!!

  20. Satin Dreams

    Make Her Blush

    Blushing Beauty

    Mauve,,,,ulous In Satin

    Sweet And Satin

    Secret Romance

    Cashmere Petals

    Pink Pearls

    Pink Satin And Pearl’s

    Lost Treasure

    Found Treasure

    Soulfully Beautiful

  21. Pure Innocence

    The One My Soul Loves

    Blooming Spring Flowers

    Heart On Her Sleeve

    May I Have This Dance

    Yours Truly

    Silky Irresistible

    Pink Satin Runway

    Sweet Dreams My Love

  22. Lilac secret garden
    Beauty in lavender’s garden
    Lavender spring waltz
    Lilac spring waltz
    I am lavender girl
    Lavender beauty
    Barby lets go party
    Lilac diamond

  23. Angelic Dreaming

    Cuddle Up In Satin Sheets

    Cross My Heart

    Wrapped In Pure Satin

    Wrapped In Pure Silk

    Sweet Intentions

    My First Love

    Smooth Moves

    Precious Memories

    Making Memories

    Sipping Cotton Candy Cocktails

    Cotton Candy Punch

    Rośe In The Picnic Basket

    Pink Satin Rose And A Glass Of Rośe

    Satin Sheets And A Glass Of Rośe

  24. Nothing Like It

    Love Yourself

    I Love Me

    Precious Moments Like This

    Treasured Moments

    Moment In Time

    Peaceful Zen Garden

  25. Satin Peony Bouquet

    Silk Peonies

    Satin Wedding Bouquet

    Watch Her Blush

    Peony’s On The Nightstand

    Peony Bouquet By My Bedside

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