Give The Dress A Name: #42



The contest has ended. Be sure to enter again next week!

Winning Dress Name: Spring Breeze

Winner: Madalina

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Note: Entries are made public via comments and therefore, we cannot delete any entries. Submitting a name used by any other site or brand will disqualify your entry. Must be 13+ with parent/guardian consent or 18+ to enter. Winner must reply to email within 24 hours to claim prize. Please be noticed that your comment is possibly not show immediately due to WordPress system, we will check it manually.


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81 responses to “Give The Dress A Name: #42”

  1. Glitzy Leaves
    Verdant Leaves
    Verdant Emeralds
    Glistening Leaves
    Glistening Emeralds
    glistering mint leaves
    dancing under irish emerald’s
    irish emerald’s
    dancing in the irish meadows
    Emerald and glitz
    Emerald princess
    Verdant love
    glistering Verdant kiss
    glistering emerald kiss

  2. Spring breeze
    Green wish
    Miss green
    Green Dreams
    Spring story
    Spring dew
    Emerald soul
    Sparkle of spring nights.

  3. Timeless green
    Elegance green
    Sparkling emerald
    Emerald glowing sea
    Shimering ever green
    irish love
    Irish princess
    malachite emeralds
    malachite emerald dust
    Pamper the bright Emerald
    Pamper the emerald green
    Spoil the sparkling emerald
    Dancing in the midnight waves
    Sparkly Tree
    Emerald Leaves
    Emerald Tree
    Glowing green pine
    Glowing emerald 
    Glitz and Glam
    Shimmering Seaweed
    The Seaweed Sparkle
    Vines of Emerald
    Halls of Ivy

  4. Shimmering Vines of Ivy
    The Sparkling Sea
    The Shimmering Sea
    Once Upon a Green Sea
    Once Upon a Turquoise Sea
    Shimmering Emeralds
    Sparkling Emeralds
    glittering cristmas tree
    kisse me under the emerald tree
    Emerald sparkle
    Leafy Green
    Glitzy Leaves
    Verdant Leaves
    sparkling cristmas leaves
    Emerald bling

  5. Shimmering Vines of Ivy
    The Sparkling Sea
    The Shimmering Sea
    Once Upon a Green Sea
    Once Upon a Turquoise Sea
    Shimmering Emeralds
    Sparkling Emeralds
    glittering cristmas tree
    kisse me under the emerald tree
    Emerald sparkle
    Leafy Green
    Glitzy Leaves
    Verdant Leaves
    sparkling cristmas leaves
    Emerald bling
    Shimmering Emerald Princess
    Gleaming Emeralds
    Gleaming Green
    Mint kisses
    Sparkling mint
    A walk in the emerald’s meadow
    Beauty in the green meadow
    Emerald meadow
    Dancing in the green meadow
    Dancing in the sparkling green meadows
    Walking in the glittering Emerald Meadows

    glistering emerald kiss

  6. flowy sequin strips
    flowy emerald strips
    emerald strips on the christmas tree
    christmas emerald strips
    shimmering emerald strips
    glistering emerald strips
    shimmering verdand strips
    Dancing in the flowy emeralds

  7. Emerald ribbons around the Christmas tree
    Emerald Christmas ribbons
    Green Christmas ribbons
    emeralds on christmas tree
    dancing around emerald tree
    dancing under emerald tree
    Dancing in shimmering emerald
    Beauty in the flowy emerald
    Shine bright like Verdant chrimtas tree
    Shine bright emerald tree

  8. Shimmering emerald fir

    Shimmering emerald princess
    Shimmering emerald kiss
    Shimmering emerald christmas tree
    Shimmering emerald
    Shimmering emerald dance
    Shimmering emerald by night

  9. Emerald sparkling tree
    Sparkling emerald fir
    Sparkling emerald ring
    Dancing under shimmering fir
    Around christmas sparkling fir

  10. Emerald sparkling tree
    Emerald fir shine
    About shining Christmas fir
    About Sparkling Emerald Fir
    Dancing around the sparkling fir
    sparkling emerald fir
    around shimmering christmas fir
    around shimmering emerald fir
    dancing around shimmering fir

  11. Light shimmered on the water
    Lucky woman
    The art of living with style
    Pure green emerald
    An element of class
    Chic vibe
    Temporary madness

  12. Shimmery Emerald Martini
    Elegant Emerald
    Sparkling Ivy
    Princess Emerald
    Goddess Emerald
    Glitter on bottle
    Dark Aesthetic
    Pretty sparkling green
    Emerald Tiara
    May compassion

  13. Christmas emerald gift
    Emerald gift for christmas
    Give me emeralds for christmas
    Emeralds for christmas
    Christmas emerald’s

  14. Emerald strips for christmas
    Emeralds strips on fir
    Emerald strips around christmas fir
    Emerald strips around fir
    Emerald strips around christmas tree
    Emerald strips
    Flowy emerald on fir

  15. Shimmering emerald strips
    Sparkling emerald strips
    Sparkling emerald strips on fir
    Sparkling emerald strips around the pine tree
    Emerald Pine tree
    Shimmering emerald pine
    shimmering emerald for christmas
    Christmas shimmering emerald

  16. Emerald Isle
    Emerald Pretty
    Emerald jade
    Shimmering Emeralds
    Shimmering Emerald Princess
    Shimmering Emerald Mermaid
    Gleaming Emeralds
    Gleaming Green
    Beautiful Jade
    Sparkling Jade Mermaid
    Sparkling Jade Princess
    Glistening Evergreen
    Sparkling Evergreen
    Endless Mint
    Mint kisses
    Whispering Mint
    Sparkling Mint

  17. Shimmering emerald kiss
    Spring Bloom
    shimmering mint leaves
    Shimmering Sparkle
    Dreaming Evergreen
    Shimmering Midnight Evergreen
    Pretty in green
    Sparkly Tree
    Emerald Leaves
    Emerald Tree
    Leafy Green
    Glitzy Leaves
    Verdant Leaves
    Verdant Emeralds
    Glistening Leaves
    Glistening Emeralds

  18. Emerald City Elegance
    Emerald City Sparkle
    Emerald Elegance
    A Vision in Emerald
    A Vision Of Emerald
    Emerald Fantasy
    Green With Envy
    Emerald Green With Envy
    Emeralds Are A Girl’s Best Friend
    Paint The Town Green
    Going Green

  19. Evergreen Elegance
    Evergreen Enchantment
    Emerald Enchantment
    Four Leaf Clover
    Wish Me Luck
    Lucky Charm
    Green Goddess

  20. Please Dont Envy

    Happy Birthday May Babes

    Emeralds In May

    May Is Here

    Bring On The Luck

    Bringing The Luck

    He’s One Lucky Man

    Meet The Beautiful Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Has Arrived

    A Night In Rome

    A Little Bit Envious

    A Night Out In Seattle

    Ms. Seattle

    Seattle’s Most Wanted

    Off To See The Wizard

    The Wizard’s Ball

    Esmeralda’s Ball

    The Emerald Ball

  21. Red Carpet, Green Dress
    Green Dress, Red Carpet
    Green Glamor
    Glamorous in Green
    Glamorous Green
    Green Glam
    Green Dream

  22. Everlastingly In Love

    Amazonian Beauty

    Unfading Love

    A Vision In Vivid Green

    Tropical Princess

    Nature’s Favourite

    Jungle Whispers

  23. Easy Money
    For Love Or Money
    Made Of Money
    New Money
    Old Money
    Money Talks
    On The Money
    Right On The Money

  24. Emeralds in the sea
    Deep pearl green seas
    Emeralds in sea depth
    Verdant pearl in sea depth
    Emerald strips in sea depth
    Emerald seaweed

  25. Green with Envy
    Emerald beauty
    Rare emerald
    Peridot queen
    Elegant Emerald
    Clover queen
    Luck of the Irish
    Queen of Ireland
    Irish charm
    Emerald plunge
    Glistening Peridot
    Green Queen
    Green glamour
    Green Preen
    Pretty in Green

  26. Fallen Emerald Seaweed
    Flowing emerald
    flowy emerald seawead
    flowy emerald strips
    Flowy sequined seawead
    Sequined seawead

  27. Irish meadow dance
    Dancing in verdant meadows
    Green meadows dance
    Follow me to the green meadow
    follow me to the green meadow
    a walk to the the sparkling meadow
    a walk to the shimmering meadow
    dancing in the glittering meadow
    To the sparkling meadow
    Shoot me in the sparkling green meadow
    Shooting in the glittering meadows
    Shooting in the green meadows
    Sparkling in the glittering meadows
    Glittering in the green meadows
    Sparkling wheat fields Sparkling green meadows Sparkling wheat meadow
    Sparkling barley meadow

  28. Glowing emerald pine
    Charming emerald Galaxy
    Dancing in the forest
    Jade forest
    Jade garden
    Esmeralda in the meadows
    Esmeralda in the glittering meadows
    Dazzling meadows
    Dazzling emeralds
    Dazzling emerald dance
    Glittering meadows
    Glistering meadows
    Sparkling meadow
    Princess in the glittering meadows
    Beauty dancing in the meadows
    Beauty dancing in the glittering meadows
    Esmeralda in the glistering meadows
    Esmeralda in the glittering meadow
    Esmeralda in the sparkling meadow
    Glitter in the meadow

  29. In the glittering meadows
    Beauty dance in the glittering meadows
    Beauty in the dazzling meadow
    In the dazzling meadow
    In the glistering meadows

  30. In the spring meadows
    Dancing in spiker
    Green Spiker
    In the green meadows of spring
    In the spring meadows
    Dance in the sparkling Emerald Meadows
    Dance in the green meadows
    Bobbing in green lawns
    Wobble in the sparkling meadow
    Wobble like a green spike
    Dancing green shiny spikes
    Sparkling spike dance

  31. A Walk Along Green Pastures

    Prettiest Plant In The Nursery

    Irish Dance

    Skipping Through The Forest

    Skipping Along Green Pastures

  32. Strolling in the firs

    Strolling in the winter firs


    Walk in the winter firs

    Ways of Emeralds

    Path of Emeralds

    Emerald Walking

    Emerald Walk

    Emerald Path

  33. Ever-Green-Pretty
    Enchanting Emerald
    Emerald Lake
    Lush Lily
    Garden Fairy
    The Lucky Leaf
    Graceful Green
    Fascinating Forest
    Do Something Green Today
    Dew on the Grass
    Go Green
    Glowing Vine
    Bold and Beautiful
    Green Vibes Only
    Majestic Green
    The Green Vine
    Vine with a Shine
    ‘V’ love Green
    The Mystic Green Wave
    Dancing in the meadows
    Ivy Envy
    Queen loves green
    Stroll through the lush trail
    Dancing in the Woods
    Irish Queen
    Treat around the bush
    So far So Green
    Beauty with Greens
    Green is the new Black
    A Walk in the Nature
    It’s a jungle out there
    Free Spirit
    Walking on the Green Sea
    Fields of the Shimmery Grass
    A walk in the woods
    The Limited Edition
    Draped In Vine
    Flowing in the Forest
    Sequin Stripes and forest vibes
    Sequin Vines on Olive Tree
    The Long Sleeved Vine
    Healthy Greens
    Monochrome Magic
    Deep sea Grass
    Lost in the woods
    Leavs with the Sleeves
    Shimmer and Vine
    Lost in the Forest
    Lady and the Leaves
    Serene Green
    (M)adam and (SLE)eve
    Surfing On The Green Sea
    Beauty and the Feast
    Emerald Temptation
    Queen fern
    Eternal Emerald
    Fiery Fern

  34. The Perfect Christmas Tree

    A Date To The Military Ball

    A Walk In The Christmas Tree Farm

    Sparkling In The Forest

    Rolling Around In The Leaves

    Emerald Treasure

    Gift Her With A Huge Emerald

    Propose With A Emerald

    Most Beautiful In My Jewelry Box

    She Outshines The All

    All Eyes On Her

    It’s Your Night

    You Got The Green Light

    Green Light Means Go Girl

    Green Light Means You Go Girl

    Go Girl, You Have The Green Light

    Dont Stop, You Have The Green Light

    Go Girl, You Got The Green Light

    Dont Stop, You Got The Green Light

  35. Omg i give every time better suggestions i am so desapointed anna shi
    but i think you dont read suggestion i give i am so sad

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