Give The Dress A Name: #40

a grey dress

a grey dress

The contest has ended. Be sure to enter again next week!

Winning Dress Name: Dancing On A Cloud

Winner: Roxane

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Note: Entries are made public via comments and therefore, we cannot delete any entries. Submitting a name used by any other site or brand will disqualify your entry. Must be 13+ with parent/guardian consent or 18+ to enter. Winner must reply to email within 24 hours to claim prize. Please be noticed that your comment is possibly not show immediately due to WordPress system, we will check it manually.


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118 responses to “Give The Dress A Name: #40”

  1. Silver lining
    Silver Goddess
    Glistening Silver
    silver blooming
    Marble dust
    Sparkle Fairy Dust
    Dusky Silver
    Silver Kisses
    Silver Belle
    silver skies
    Silver Star dust

  2. The elegant swan
    Feather quill
    Dusk til dawn
    Cloud of beauty
    Pearl river
    Silver fox
    Silver moon
    Moon river

  3. silver vibes
    glittering silver sky
    ocean silver breeze
    Sparkly Silver Sequin princess
    pretty in platinum
    glistening waterfall
    Cloudy Sky

  4. Dancing in the silver lace
    Dancing silver drops
    Gray cloud kisses
    Icy sparkle dance
    Into dusky night
    Shades of ashes
    Dance with silver lace
    Starlight ruffles
    Starlight lace
    Lacy snowflakes
    Silver snowflakes
    Icy sparkle
    Winter silver wings
    Angelic diamand ruffles
    Wrapped in sterling silver
    Platinium lace
    Silver wings ruffles
    Drop silver moon
    Cloudy silver moon
    Cloudy belle
    Silver raindrops

  5. Dancing under sparkling stars
    Dancing under silver snowflakes
    Dancing snowflakes
    Dancing under silver drops
    Winter bloom
    Diamand bloom
    Platinium Love
    Silver Musk
    Queen of silver drops
    Diamand dust
    Lacy Diamand drops
    Starry kisses
    Blooming silver clouds
    Blooming grey clouds
    Heavenly silver
    Élégant sequined lace

  6. the silver Cap
    sparkling silver cap
    lacy snowflakes
    lacy silver bloom
    angelic silver ruffles
    Angelic silver wings
    platiunium pearls
    platinium leaves

  7. Catching snowflakes
    Catching silver snowflakes
    Snowflakes on the leaves
    Silver dew drops on leaves
    Piching winter bloom
    Sparkling winter bloom
    Glittering winter bloom
    Silver winter bloom

  8. Dancing on a cloud
    Luxurious Silver cloud
    Moody Silver Blues
    Dusky Platinum Nights
    Dusky Platinum Chiffon

  9. A shooting star

    Dancing in the moonlight

    Silver flakes

    This diamond is forever

    Thirty pieces of silver

    Shine bright like a diamond

    A vision of ecstasy

    Pure silver

    Frozen diamond

    Supernatural delight

    Pure water

  10. Cinderella
    Shiny Cinderella
    Shadow princess
    Queen of shadow
    Silver queen
    Queen of silver
    Metalic princess
    Sparkly silver
    God save the silver queen
    Sparkly star
    So shiny
    Shiny star
    Shine of the luna
    Shine of the moon
    Moon shadow
    To the moon and back

  11. Diamond storm
    Silver storm
    Diamond fog
    Diamond fog dance
    Dancing in the silver fog
    Snow Queen
    Snow dust
    Snowy diamond
    london dancer
    the fog dancer
    gliterting fog
    Cloudy glitter dance
    glittering ruffles cap
    the glittering ruffles dancer
    the silver dust lace
    silver dust
    diamond silver dust
    in the cloudy ruffles
    cloudy sequins

  12. Dancing over the sparkling clouds
    Dancing under the silver snowflakes
    Sparkling snowflakes
    London snowflakes
    A snowy day in London
    A Snowy day walk
    Snow over london sky
    glittering snow over london
    Silver dust over london
    Snowy Silver dust

  13. A kiss in a fog
    innocent kiss in London fog
    Kiss me in london fog
    Kissing in london fog
    Winter dance
    Glittering winter dance
    A bright winter dance
    Sparkling ash
    Silver AshDance
    The Silver ash
    silver lunar eclips
    lunar dance
    lunar dust
    Dancing in Lunar eclips
    Lunar kiss
    Eclips kisses
    Last dance in lunar eclips

  14. Princess of the Silver Lake
    Princess of Silver
    Silver Dreams
    The Silver Lagoon
    The Sparkling Depths of the River
    The Sparkling Depths of the Murky Water
    The Murky Mystery

  15. The Moonlit Princess
    The Moon Queen
    The Moonbeam Kiss
    Moonlit Lake
    Swan Lake
    Moonbeam Dream
    Waiting for you beneath the stars

  16. In the Light of a thousand fireflies
    All alone in the moonlight
    A walk in the moonlight
    A kiss Under a Starry Sky

  17. Princess of moonlight
    Silver stars
    Silver shield
    Silver Star Curtain
    Starry Silver Shield
    Silver shad
    Silver rain
    Silver dust
    Silver ash
    Silver moonlight
    Silver lace
    Silver ruffles
    Silver shadow
    Silver sky
    Silver obesessed
    Silver obsession

  18. Silver shoulders
    Silver water
    Moon waterfall
    Wind song
    Silver song
    The fog song
    The silver light
    Silver light
    Angelic silver ruffles
    Angelic starry shoulder
    Silver addict
    Diamond addict
    The soul therapist
    Silver therapist
    Silver belong to me
    Silverstars belong to moon

  19. The silver ruffles
    The silver sequins
    Sequined snowflakes
    Embroidered snowflakes lace
    Snowy lace
    Snowy silver lace
    Snowflakes and stars
    Diamond obsession
    Snowflakes bloom

  20. Starry lace
    Beauty of stars
    Beautiful snow
    Princess of the Arctic
    arctic princess
    Arctic stars
    Arctic lace
    arctic wish
    Eskimo lace
    Starry night in the Arctic
    The clear sky in the Arctic
    A walk over snowflakes
    Dancing with starry sleeves
    The starry sleeves dance
    Beauty and stars
    Make a wish
    Its pôle stat

  21. Dance With The Angels

    Peaceful Dreams

    Star Light Star Bright

    Queen Of The Sky

    Queen Of The Stars

    Bella Star


    Nova Belle

    Under The Night Sky

    Star Grazing

    First Star I See Tonight

    No More Greys

    Solver Painted Leaves

    Your Majesty

    Romantic Date Under The Stars

    Lost Glass Slipper

  22. Silver lined moon
    Silver teardrops
    Eloquent euphoria
    Graceful silver
    Silver spring
    Silver Teardrop of the stars
    Lune Argent
    Argentum Luna

  23. Silver Painted Leaves

    Pretty In Platinum


    Siverella At The Ball

    Under The Disco Ball

    Luxury Dust

    Out Of The Trophy Case

    Sparkle In Her Eyes

    I’m Starstuck

    Silver Darling

    Caught Him Staring

    Simply Stunning

    Making Silver Sand Angels

    Angelic Sounds From Earth

  24. Icy Waterfalls

    Diamond Princess

    Fly Me To The Moon

    Dancing On Ice

    Sway With Me In The Moonlight

    Glistening Shooting Stars

  25. Icy Waterfalls

    Diamond Princess

    Fly Me To The Moon

    Dancing On Ice

    Sway With Me In The Moonlight

    Glistening Shooting Stars

  26. In the lake of frost
    Swan dance in Crystal Lake
    Crystal lake dance
    The crystal lake
    The lake of frost
    The ftosty lake
    Crystal lake
    Ice water
    Ice water dance
    The Crystal dance
    Dancing with stars
    Dancing stars
    The skating princess
    Skating princess
    Skating beauty

  27. Sparkling crystal
     skating beauty on bright crystal
    Beauty on bright crystal
    The Snowflakes waterfalls
    Crystal waterfalls
    Shiny silver waterfalls
    elixir of eternity
    Silver waterfalls

  28. The diamand sea
    The silver sea
    Silver ocean
    Twinkel diamond
    Diamonds flash at sea
    Reflection of the stars in the sea
    Diamond shimmer reflection
    The silver reflection
    Diamond refletion
    Diamonds on the silver ring
    Dress me the diamond
    Dress me the diamonds
    Diamond necklace
    Diamonds around her neck
    The diamand necklace
    Dress me a diamond set
    diamond cap
    Dress me in diamond granules
    Diamond granules

  29. Meet Me Under The Chandelier


    Sparkling Chandelier

    Glow From The Chandelier

    Silver Dollars in The Wishing Well

    Champagne And Chandeliers

  30. Charming silver lining

    Full of grey

    Simplicity of grey

    Mysterious silver moon

    Mysterious silver stone

    Grey in mysterious way

    Magical silver moon

    Magical silver stone

  31. Glittering silver waves

    The silver waves

    The sparkling silver waves

    Sparkling silver waves

    The Silver Sea ripple

    Silver sea ripple

  32. the flowy diamond

    the flowy star dust

    flowy star dust

    the flowy silver

    flowy silver

    silver waterfalls

    the flowy diamond dust

    flowy diamond

    Flowing diamond

    Flowing star dust

    Flowing star dust

    Flowing silver

    Silver waterfalls

    Flowing diamond dust

    Flowing diamond

    The flowing silver lace

    Flowing silver lace

    Glowing silver waves

    Glowing silver dust

    Glowing diamond dust

    Flowing lace

  33. The Sivermist
    Chloe Noelle
    Emma Elizabeth
    Dancing in the Moonlight
    Silvery Moon
    Moonlight Shine
    Starry Night
    Ever After
    Love Comes Softly
    Never Enough Sparkle

  34. Piece of star

    Blooming grey star

    Silver pearl in the orient

    Blooming silver star

    Piece of stardust

    Blooming grey star

    Behind the seethrough

    Stardust turn to grey

    Turn to grey

    Dusty starry grey

  35. Glittering Waterfall
    Silver Waterfalls
    Pool of Dreams
    Silver Pools
    Silver Stream
    Silver Meadows
    Silver Secrets

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