Give The Dress A Name: #38

a purple orchid dress

a purple orchid dress

The contest has ended. Be sure to enter again next week!

Winning Dress Name: Glittering Lavender Waterfall

Winner: Jessica Grace

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Note: Entries are made public via comments and therefore, we cannot delete any entries. Submitting a name used by any other site or brand will disqualify your entry. Must be 13+ with parent/guardian consent or 18+ to enter. Winner must reply to email within 24 hours to claim prize. Please be noticed that your comment is possibly not show immediately due to WordPress system, we will check it manually.


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69 responses to “Give The Dress A Name: #38”

  1. Spring blossom
    Mauve_ulous ruffles
    Orchid kisses
    Spring petals
    Dusty rose
    Swing petals
    Ballerina belle
    Spring swing
    Cherry blossom petals
    Dancing under almond blossoms
    Dancing blossoms
    Spring song
    Spring dance
    Lavender’s touch
    Lavender’s smell
    Rose petal
    Angelic mauve
    Beauty in orchid petals
    Orchid flower dress
    Timeless love
    Endless love
    Endless dance

  2. Midwinter rose
    Lovely orchid
    Cotton candy
    Mandy mauve
    Morning rose
    Diaries of élégant lady
    Diaries of orchid breeze
    Dazzling orchid
    Dazzling roses
    Mauve crush
    Warm sent of lavender
    She looks mauvelous
    Mauvelous dance
    Pretty in dusky mauve

  3. Pleated roses
    Drapped petal roses
    Dancing in drapped mauve
    Drapped dance
    Ballerina dance
    Ballerina blossom
    Ballerina walk
    Royal ballet
    Magical dance
    Feeling love
    Love spring

  4. orchid blooming dance
    dancing orchid bloom
    Orchid blooming
    Orchid petals
    Orchid blooming fields
    Singning in orchid blooming fields
    Dancing orchid’s bloom
    Princess in lavender’s carpet
    Walking on lavender’s carpet
    Red carpet walk
    Magical twinker bloom
    Magical mauve
    Twinkel mauve petals
    Orchid kiss
    Princess of orchids
    Princess of orchid’s bloom
    Lavender queen
    Lavender love princess
    Lavender carpet
    Looking for orchid bloom

  5. Dancing purple butterflies
    Dancing butterflies over orchids
    Dancing orchids
    dancing orchid fields
    Dancing with mauve butterflies
    Mauvelous butterflies

  6. mauve_ulous butterffly

    dancing with mauve_ulous butterfly

    dancing with purple buterffly

    Dancing in fields of purple orchids

    Dancing purple butterflies

    Flock of purple dancing butterflies

  7. Flock of purple butterflies
    Dancing of purple orchids
    Dancing lavender’s
    Fields of mauveulous buterfflies
    In fields of mauveulous butterflies

  8. Lavender’s touch
    Pink flamingo
    Flamingo girl
    Summer girl
    Summer vibes
    Pink vibes
    Rose petals
    Princess of roses
    Princess of petals
    purple skies

  9. Orchid petals
    Dancing bloomsg
    Dancing in fields of roses
    Dancing in fields of orchid
    dancing in fields of flower
    Pretty In Dusky Lavender
    silk lavender petals
    Pink Peony
    midnight lotus
    Belle of the ball
    Lavender kiss

  10. Lavender’s belle
    Orchid’s belle
    Kissed by purple petals
    Violet petals kisses
    purple petals
    kissed by mauves butterfly
    kissing orchid’s bloom
    lavender’s belle
    mauve_ulous belle
    orchid’s princess
    mauve_ulous fairy
    purple fairy petals
    Spring dance
    Spring butterfly

  11. Silky wine mauve

    Silky pearl mauve

    Slick ruffle mauve

    Pretty slick ruffle mauve

    Pretty pearl mauve

    Pearly ruffle mauve

    Pretty pearl in mauve

    Silky pearl in mauve

    Silky wine in mauve

  12. Dashing Lavender Sparkle

    Silky Ball Gown Twist

    Silky Lavender Sparkle

    Lavender Petal Descent

    Graceful Petals of Lavender

  13. Wavy petals
    silky wavy petals
    Princess in wavy mauve
    Princess in wavy mauve_ulous
    Wavy ruffles
    Mauve_ulous ruffles
    Wavy mauve_ulous
    Pretty in silky mauve
    Fairy blossom

  14. Sparkling Lavender Waterfall
    Shimmering Lilac Waterfall
    Glistening Violet Waterfall
    Glimmering Mauve Waterfall
    Glittering Lavender Waterfall
    Sparkling Mulberry Waterfall
    Sparkling Carnation Waterfall
    Carnation & Mauve Glitter
    Mulberry Lavender Glimmer
    Glittering Mulberry Carnation
    Glittering Mulberry & Lavender
    Glittering Mulberry & Violet
    Glittering Mulberry & Amythest
    Lilac and Lavender Sparkles
    Carnation and Lilac Sparkles
    Violet Lilac Sparkle
    Violet Carnation Sparkle
    Empress Mulberry Violet
    Empress Carnation Lilac
    Empress Lavender Lilac
    Empress Lilac Glimmer
    Empress Amythest
    Mulberry & Amythest Shimmer
    Carnation & Amythest Shimmer
    Sparkling Mulberry & Amythest
    Sparkling Carnation & Amythest
    Amythest & Lilac Gleam
    Amythest & Lavender Sparkling Gem
    Lilac Amythest Spell
    Carnation Lilac Spell

  15. Pretty silky old rose

    Old rose silky ruffle

    Pretty silky mauve

    Mauve silky ruffle

    Silky mauve ruffle

    Silky old rose ruffle

  16. Fabulous silky shimmering mauve

    Fabulous silky shimmering old rose

    Charming silky mauve

    Charming silky old rose

    Charming silky pearl in mauve

    Fabulous silky mauve

    Fabulous silky old rose

  17. Fabulous shimmering mauve

    Fabulous shimmering old rose

    Silky shimmering mauve

    Silky shimmering old rose

    Fabulous shimmering pearl in mauve

    Fabulous silky mauve pearl

    Shimmering silky mauve pearl

  18. Plum Cascade
    Orchid With a Ring
    Butterfly Bush
    Summer Lilac
    Rapunzel Ruffles
    Mallow Flower
    Black Currant
    Mauve Magic
    MauveGical Falls
    MauveGical Ruffles

  19. Orchid’s love
    Lavender’s love
    Purple love
    Walking in the Purple petals
    mauve_ulous dance
    A walk over orchid’s bloom
    Walking over orchid’s bloom
    Walking over orchid’s petal

  20. Evening Sunset

    Candlelight Dancing

    Saturn Waterfalls

    Silk Primroses

    A kiss In The Evening Sunset

    A bouquet of Lavender and Roses

  21. Bueatiful betsey
    Alexa Rae
    Olivia rose
    Lola may
    Ruby Rae
    Amelia pink
    Nikita princess
    Butterfly kisses

  22. Coco
    Rouge ria
    Porcelain pink
    Pink sugar
    Sugar cookie

  23. Chikaboma
    Rose pink pipa
    Soulful Sian
    Candy pink parade
    Flower Fairy pink
    Barbie pink panther
    Silly Millie
    Gorgeous Gigi
    Starlight pink
    Pink Accents
    Elk perfect
    Cup cake
    High class gown
    Goodness goddess
    Montana doll
    Bethany Bay
    Alter passion
    Angels dream
    Little bow pip
    The pink dream
    Pretty in pink
    Pink rose
    Pink – boudoir
    Bonnie pink

  24. Orchid pink waterfalls
    Orchid pink waterfalls
    Pink waterfalls flower
    Shiny pink waterfalls
    Sparkling pink waterfalls
    Glamor pink waterfalls

  25. Pink glittering falls
    graceful pink falls
    silky pink waterfalls
    Charming pink falls
    Charming pink waterfalls
    Glittering Pink Champagne
    Sparkling pink Champagne

  26. Blushing Beauty

    Blushing Angel

    Fluttery Blush

    Miracles in Mauve

    Angel Flutter Mauve

    Mauve Moves Me Tonight

    Mystic Mauve

  27. Fabulous mauve silky pearl

    Marvelous mauve silky pearl

    Precious mauve silky pearl

    Ruffle mauve silky pearl

    Peerless mauve silky pearl

    Luxurious mauve silky pearl

    Silky pearl in dusty pink

  28. Shining pale purple diamond

    Shining orchid diamond

    Shimmering Orchid diamond

    Orchid diamond glaze

    Pale purple diamond glaze

    Waving orchid diamond glaze

    Orchid diamond wave

    Diamond silky plum

    Orchid diamond silky wave

  29. Waterfall of lavender

    Lavender spring

    Lily of the Nile

    Dazzling lilac number

    Graceful dance of lilac

    Lavender sky

    Lavender waltz

    Lilac swooning

  30. A heart full of love
    Eyes for you
    Eternal love
    My heart, my body, my soul
    Perfection impressions
    Key to my heart
    Sweet breeze
    Orchid in bloom
    The scent of orchid

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