Give The Dress A Name: #36

a dark green dress

a dark green dress

The contest has ended. Be sure to enter again next week!

Winning Dress Name: Emerald Galaxy Beauty

Winner: April

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Note: Entries are made public via comments and therefore, we cannot delete any entries. Submitting a name used by any other site or brand will disqualify your entry. Must be 13+ with parent/guardian consent or 18+ to enter. Winner must reply to email within 24 hours to claim prize. Please be noticed that your comment is possibly not show immediately due to WordPress system, we will check it manually.


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89 responses to “Give The Dress A Name: #36”

  1. Pure emerald.

    Elegant talisman.

    Holy sequins.

    Once upon a time…

    Emerald insight.

    Precious diamont.

    Go in green.

    Shade of green.

    Made by emerald.

    Happines is emerald-shaped.

    We do not make emerald. We make emerald better.

  2. Verdant Emeralds
    Glistening Leaves
    Glistening Emeralds
    Emerald’s kisses
    Forest Green
    Enduring Ivy
    Sparkling Ivy
    Shimmering Midnight Evergreen
    Pretty in green
    Emerald Leaves
    Emerald Tree
    Leafy Green
    Glitzy Leaves
    Verdant Leaves

  3. Ivy temptation

    Emerald temptation

    Mother earth

    Emerald charm

    Enchanted forest

    Emerald enchanted

    Emerald temptress

  4. Emerald Envy

    Green Glamour

    Emerald Elegance



    Verdant Velour

    Forest Faerie

    Green Goddess

    Green Glitz


    Myrtle Kiss

    Verdant Rose

    Lush Evergreen

  5. The emerald princess
    Dancing with shamrocks
    Shamrock princess
    Parakeet goddess
    Parakeet princess
    Dancing in a sea of shamrocks
    Enchanted shamrock
    The Green parakeet

  6. The Sparkling Sea
    The Shimmering Sea
    Once Upon a Green Sea
    Once Upon a Turquoise Sea
    Shimmering Emeralds
    Sparkling Emeralds

  7. The Sparkling Sea
    The Shimmering Sea
    Once Upon a Green Sea
    Once Upon a Turquoise Sea
    Shimmering Emeralds
    Sparkling Emeralds

  8. Esmeralda

    Dancing In The Forest

    Foresty Breeze

    Emerald Fantasy

    Everlasting Emeralds

    Evergreen Leaves Dancing in The Breeze

  9. Sparkly Tree
    Emerald Leaves
    Emerald Tree
    Glowing green pine
    Glowing emerald pine
    Leafy Green
    Glitzy Leaves
    Verdant Leaves
    Verdant Emeralds
    Glistening Leaves
    Glistening Emeralds
    Emerald vibes
    Sparkling Sea Goddess
    Sparkling emerald Flakes
    Glittering Galaxy
    Desire emerald vibes

  10. Dancing in the midnight waves
    Emerald shimmer
    Dancing in sequin emerald
    Sequin emeralds
    Emeralds dust
    Dusty emeralds
    Galaxy dust
    Charming emerald
    Galaxy emerald dust

  11. Ariel’s Dance
    Emerald Ball
    Spruce Tree
    Emerald Tree
    Ariel’s Chance
    Emerald’s Chance
    Open your eyes
    Emerald Grass
    Once Upon an Emerald
    Happily Emerald After

  12. Dear Anna Shi this is not fair, it seems to me that you do not read what I wrote, or do not want to choose me, I always participate, but always win, some kind of new winner who never participated

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