Give The Dress A Name: #32

a green dress


a sparkling sequin dress


The contest has ended. Be sure to enter again next week!

Winning Dress Name: The Turquoise Sea

Winner: Ruth

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Note: Entries are made public via comments and therefore, we cannot delete any entries. Submitting a name used by any other site or brand will disqualify your entry. Must be 13+ with parent/guardian consent or 18+ to enter. Winner must reply to email within 24 hours to claim prize. Please be noticed that your comment is possibly not show immediately due to WordPress system, we will check it manually.


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67 responses to “Give The Dress A Name: #32”

  1. emerald mermaid
    Emerald Goddess
    Shimmering Emeralds
    Green sparkle
    Whispering Mint
    Eternal Emeralds
    Sparkling Mint
    Emerald Jewel

  2. sparkling leaf
    emerald leaf
    princess Fiona
    Emerald’s night
    mint leaves
    Shimmering Sparkle
    Dreaming Evergreen
    Shimmering Midnight Evergreen

  3. Sparkly Tree
    Emerald Leaves
    Emerald Tree
    Leafy Green
    Glitzy Leaves
    Verdant Leaves
    Verdant Emeralds
    Glistening Leaves
    Glistening Emeralds

  4. Sea Goddess
    Ocean Dazzle
    Ocean Elegance
    Ocean Empress
    Mermaid Shimmer
    Emerald Mermaid
    Emerald Elegance
    Evening Emerald
    Shimmering Siren
    Jewel of the Sea

  5. Olivia’s dream
    Olivia’s sparkly dream
    Olivia’s secret
    Olivia’s sparkly secret
    Olive love
    Mermaid Olivia
    Mermaid’s dream

  6. Ombre Mermaid

    Pirates Treasure

    Light Up The Ocean

    Deep Sea Sparkle

    Sea Romance

    Deep Sea Dancing

    Sea Goddess

    Sparkling Sea Goddess

    Princess Esmeralda

    Beauty Of The Sea

  7. Emerald’s night
    Queen of mermaids
    Emerald’s beauty
    Dancing in sequined emerald
    Sequined emerald’s
    Emerald’s dust
    Dusty emerald’s
    Galaxy dust
    Charming emerald
    Green Fascination
    Green enchanted

  8. Sea Bling

    Bling In The Sea

    Goddess Of The Sea

    Enchanted Mermaid Dance

    Ombre Peacock

    The Oceans Star

    Treasured Jewels

    Emerald And Sappire Beauty

    Under Sea Romance

    Romance Under The Sea

    Sparkling Mermaid

    Ocean Breeze

    Candlelit Dinner On The Ocean Front

  9. Siren’s seducing
    Enchanted mermaid
    Singning in seven seas
    Mermaid ‘s singning
    Siren’s voices
    Pretty of seven seas
    Queen of mermaids

  10. Midnight Mermaid
    Midnight Under the Sea
    Mermaid of the Sea
    Mermaid Queen
    Midnight Sapphire
    Blueberry Heaven
    Peacock Fantasy
    Peacock Sapphire
    Crystal Peacock
    Lalique Peacock
    Peacock Song

  11. Watching stars off the ocean
    Sitting off the ocean at night
    Ocean by night
    Sitting on the night shore
    Sitting of the ocean
    Dazzling midnight
    Dazzling emerald
    Mesmerising midnight
    Evening lilac
    Evening date
    Deep ocean
    Mermaid of the ocean
    Watching ocean by night
    Night sea
    Sapphire sky
    Beautiful evening
    Dazzling evergreen
    Green passion

  12. Mermaid dreams
    Midnight reflexion
    Midnight glitter
    Midnight sparkle
    Emerald princess
    Emerald passion
    Blue lilac
    Dark sapphire
    Dark emerald
    Aqua green pearl
    Aqua’s princess
    Aqua’s beauty
    Aqua’s charming
    Aqua’s emerald
    Blue amour
    Emerald amour
    Sapphire enchantement
    Walking after midnight
    Midnight off the ocean
    Aquamarine splender
    Illicit dream

  13. Deep Sea Sparkle

    Treasured Jewels

    Found Treasure

    Ombre Bling

    Mermaids Hidden Treasure

    Mermaids Treasure

    Mermaids Treasure Chest

    Shinning Out Of The Ocean

    His Beloved Mermaid

  14. Perfect Blend

    Sapphire Dipped Emeralds

    Dripping In Jewels

    Look At Her Sparkle

    Under The Disco Ball

    Jaw Dropper

    Best Dresssed

    Healing Dress

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