Give The Dress A Name: #24



The contest has ended. Be sure to enter again next week!

Winning Dress Name: Dance Your Blues Away

Winner: Ruby

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Note: Entries are made public via comments and therefore, we cannot delete any entries. Submitting a name used by any other site or brand will disqualify your entry. Must be 13+ with parent/guardian consent or 18+ to enter. Winner must reply to email within 24 hours to claim prize. Please be noticed that your comment is possibly not show immediately due to WordPress system, we will check it manually.


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84 responses to “Give The Dress A Name: #24”

  1. Sweet Goodnight
    Twilight Lace

    Navy Nuance

    Midnight Masquerade

    Twilight Breeze
    desert bluebells
    Magic blue night
    Blue Night Star
    Moonlit Romance
    Moon Dust

    Sapphire Crush

  2. Sea trip
    He asked at sea
    Let’s watch the stars together
    Polar star
    Named a star in your name
    My chinny star
    Black ocean
    Sea godess
    Galaxy princess
    Goddess of the Galaxy
    Five Oceans
    The Queen of Darkness
    Princess of the oceans

  3. Blueberr juce
    Ocean kiss
    Midnight charm
    Midnight date
    Take me out
    Midnight walk
    Midnight dance
    Dancing under stars
    Dance with me in the moonlight
    Moonlight love
    Moonlight kiss
    Kiss me in the moonlight

  4. Warm like a summer night
    shimmering sky
    Shimmering stars
    Dancin party
    Dance with me under stars
    dance with me under the moonlight
    Dancing under moonlight
    Kiss me in the moonlight
    Kiss me in the moonlight

  5. Glowing star

    Moon light

    Starry night

    Diamond dreams

    Sparkle fairy dust

    Navy wishes

    Fairy dust

    Sparkling night

    Starry sky

    Magic in the moonlight

    Sweet dreams

    Starry kiss

    Sweet dreams little angel

    Midnight fairy

    Midnight beauty

    Thinking about you under stars

    Midnight wish

    Midnight kiss

    Midnight wishes

    Cinderella’s wishe

    Cinderella’s midnight kiss

    Disney princess

    Like a Disney’s princess

  6. Shine bright like a diamand
    Sapphire light
    Shine bright like a blue diamand
    Sapphire belle
    Sapphire beauty
    You are my shiny star

  7. My heart loves you
    Star of my dreams
    Star of my heart
    You are my only star
    I named a star like you
    I give a star your name
    Naming stars
    You took my heart by night
    Dancing ball
    Night ball
    Take me to the moonlight
    Take me to stars
    Galaxy love
    My only star in the Galaxy

  8. Midnight Dance

    Blue Beauty

    Singing The Blues

    Something Blue Something Borrowed

    Something Blue

    Hold Me Under The Midnight Dky

    The Stroke Of Midnight

    The Midnight Hour

    Blue Darling

    My Blue Darling

  9. Night crash
    I named a star in your name
    looked for my love in the oceans
    Looking for you in the five oceans
    Oceans godess
    True love
    Prove me your love

  10. Take my hand to ocean
    Follow me to the stars
    Sapphire buterfly
    Bleue buterfly
    Bleue kiss
    Blueberry kiss
    Shiny Blueberry
    Sparkling Blueberry

  11. Moonlight Magic

    The Loyal One

    Bella Blue

    Bella Azule

    Dancing In The Moonlight

    The Royal Princess

    Shades Of Blue

    Loyal And Lovely

  12. Solar Eclipse
    Wrapped in Ocean
    The Blue Moon
    Blazing Blue Fire
    Moonlight Scattered Across the Water
    Ethereal Shards
    Belle of the Ball
    Struck Out of the Blue
    A Mystic World
    Otherworldly Beauty
    Light of the Cosmos

  13. Genie’s Magic
    Twinkle in your eye
    Twinkle in my eye
    Sparkling Twilight
    Ocean’s Night
    Sequined Dreams
    Twilight Dreams
    Midnight Dreams
    Twilight Dance
    Dance under the Stars
    Moonlit Eyes
    Moonlit Dreams
    Moonlit Hearts
    Twilight Hearts

  14. Take me to atlantis
    Atlantis belle
    Atlantis beauty
    Atlantic queen
    Atlantis princess
    Sea sequins
    sparkling sea waves
    Babes of the Atlantic Ocean
    Beautiful Atlantic Ocean
    princess of the Pacific Ocean
    Black Sea queen
    Sequened waves

  15. Midnight Bling

    Sapphire Bling

    Midnight Sparkle

    Sapphire Sparkle

    Cover Her In Sapphire

    Sparkle Me Sapphire

    Watch Her Shine

    Island Princess

    Sail With Me To Sea

    Goddess Of The Ocean

    Ocean Princess

    Walking Along The Ocean

    Midnight Walk By The Ocean

    Dancing By The Ocean

  16. Pourquoi je gagne jamais … je met mille commentaires après a la fin elle vient une meufs qui commantent avant la fin de concours a qq secondes et elle gagne ffffff

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