Give The Dress A Name: #23



The contest has ended. Be sure to enter again next week!

Winning Dress Name: Wrap Me In Velvet

Winner: LaWanda

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Note: Entries are made public via comments and therefore, we cannot delete any entries. Submitting a name used by any other site or brand will disqualify your entry. Must be 13+ with parent/guardian consent or 18+ to enter. Winner must reply to email within 24 hours to claim prize. Please be noticed that your comment is possibly not show immediately due to WordPress system, we will check it manually.


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86 responses to “Give The Dress A Name: #23”

  1. Romantic Date Night
    True Love
    First Love
    P.S, I Love You
    Lady In Red
    Red Turns Heads
    Date Night
    Red Velvet
    Be My Valentine
    Love And Romance
    Ruby Red
    Cherry Kisses
    Ruby Princess
    Precious Rubies
    Paint The Night Red
    Be Romantic
    Red Red Wine
    Showered With Roses
    Queen Of Hearts
    Stealing Hearts
    Girl On Fire
    Glass Of Red Wine
    Red Wine And Rose
    Red Bombshell
    Candy Apples
    Candy Apple Red
    Paint The Town Red
    Ms. Ruby
    Breaking Hearts

  2. My True Love
    Romantic Night Stroll
    Single Ladies Night
    Ladies Night
    Struck With Cupid’s Arrow
    Shot With Cupid’s Arrow
    Red Hot Lady
    To My Princess With Love
    Her Secret Admirer

  3. Moonlight Roses
    Crimson Blush
    Wrapped In Beauty
    Better With Red
    Wrapped In Love
    Wine And Song
    Wrapped In Sheer Pleasure
    Crimson Crush
    Moonlight Walk
    Gentle Breezes
    Sunset Walk

  4. Flaming Thule
    Flaming Flower
    Scarlet Wine
    Burgundy Wine
    Burgundy Sparkles
    Burgundy Rose
    Scarlet Princess
    Burgundy dreams
    Crimson queen
    Crimson Beauty
    Crimson ruby

  5. Red wine

    Sexy burgandy

    Bailando love

    Bailando crush

    Sexy latina

    Spanish kiss

    Romantic night out

    Romantic date

    Ruby rose

    Valentine’s date

    Be my date

    Princess of roses

    Sexy wine

  6. Beautiful Spanish


    Velvet wine

    Velvet kiss

    Velvet cherry

    Kiss my lips

    Strawberry wine

    Cherry wine

    Burgundy diamant

    Be my Valentine

    Snowhite apple

    Snowhite kiss

  7. He asked me !
    Preposal dress
    I said yes
    Winter glam
    Frozen cherry
    Velvet cherry
    Kiss my soul
    Burgandy night
    Velvet love
    Velvet proposal
    Velvet Valentine
    Take me to venis
    Take me dance
    My first date
    Romantic dinner
    Romantic night
    Juste me and you
    Venis love
    Sexy dancer
    Charming cherry
    New year love
    Burgandy dream

  8. Élégant wine
    Velvet sapphire
    Royal burgandy
    Ruby heart
    Wine kiss
    Sweet poisson
    Burgandy poisson
    Red poisson
    Royal tulip
    Crimson tulip
    You are My Valentine
    Falling into you
    Glass of velvet wine
    Cherry kiss
    Twilight love
    Going out for a drink
    I do

  9. Blood rose
    Burgandy rose
    Scarlet wine
    Sweet burgundy
    Twilight queen
    Twilight crash
    Heart bit
    Burgandy princess
    Burgandy heart
    Ruby tulip
    Red shadow
    Cut cherry
    Crystal win
    Spanish nights
    Cherry love
    Elegant wine

  10. Night in venis
    Night in Bordeaux
    Night in festival
    Kiss me in venis
    Dancing night
    Venis gift
    Will you dance with me
    Dance with me
    Hey sexy ! Dance with me
    Venis romance
    Ruby of venis
    Burgandy blossom
    Burgandy wine
    Burgundy nights
    Forbidden fruit
    Forbidden kiss
    Forbidden love
    Midnight kiss
    Midnight dance
    Whispering wine

  11. I will not give you up this time
    Darling you look perfect tonight
    I found a love for me
    Favorite dress
    Dancing with stars
    Dancing in the moonlight
    Dancing in the dark
    I like the way she move
    Dancing all night
    Need you closer
    Feels like paradis
    Heart bits
    One step closer
    Waiting for you

  12. Velvet pomegranate
    Forbidden pomegranate
    Bobling pomegranate
    Royal pomegranate
    pomegranate kiss
    November’s pomegranate
    Winter’s pomegranate
    Winter’s ruby
    Winter’s roses

  13. To My Princess With Love
    My True Love
    Love Letters
    Her Secret Admirer
    Romantic Night Scroll
    Ladies Night
    Single Ladies Night
    Struck With Cupid’s Arrow
    Shot With Cupid’s Arrow
    Red Hot Lady.
    Smoking Hot

  14. Hot kiss
    Hot date night
    Late date
    Going to My ex’s weeding
    Hot & sugar
    Hot & velvet
    Godess in velvet ruby
    Wearing ruby sunrise
    I love you again
    Folling into you again
    Love me forever
    Forever after
    You’r mine
    Mine forever after
    You’r my sexy latina

    love at first sight

  15. Secret admirer
    It’s good to be sexy
    Love letters
    Going out girl
    Take me out girls
    Breakup party
    Single ladys party
    Single in 30
    Hot in 30
    Novembre party
    New year night
    New year party

  16. Rose Petals Among A Spa
    Lunar Eclipse
    A Beautiful Pain
    A Drop of Red
    Shadow of Red
    A Whisper of Roses
    Burning Passion
    Essence of Rose

  17. Yummy candy

    Love mood

    Good things happen for a reason

    Forever yes

    Forever love

    Forever sexy

    Forever elegante

    Romance forever

    Gentleman lover

    Hot Woody

    Black cherry

    Hot musk

    passion flower

    sweet kissing

  18. Eye Catcher
    Goddess Of Love
    When In Rome
    Hello Miss Beautiful
    Hello Beautiful
    Always My Love
    She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve
    Big Heart And Velvet Kisses
    Finding True Love
    Dance By The Fireplace
    Beauty In A Red Dress
    Beauty In The Red Dress

  19. Last chance to ask me dance
    Last chance
    Sweet charme
    Cranberry dream
    Passion love
    Elegante gorgeos
    Taste of love
    Taste of charme
    You chase my dream
    Chase your dream

  20. Wrapped In Love
    Gift Wrapped In Velvet
    Velvet Gift Wrap
    Wrap Me In Velvet
    Red Velvet Ready
    Red Carpet Ready
    Romantic Rose Garden Date

  21. Wrapped In Love
    Gift Wrapped In Velvet
    Velvet Gift Wrapped
    Wrap Me In Vervet
    Red Velvet Ready
    Red Carpet Ready
    Romantic Rose Garden Date

  22. Sapphire Kiss
    Blood Rose
    Sparkling Scarlet
    Floating Scarlet
    Singing Scarlet
    Blooming Sapphires
    Glowing Embers
    Glowing Sapphire
    Cherry on Top
    Glimmer and Scarlet
    The Magic of Maroon
    Maroon’s kiss
    Scarlet Kiss
    Bold Dreams
    The Scarlet Maiden
    Vision in Scarlet
    The Scarlet Diamond
    the Scarlet Sapphire
    Sparkling Sapphire
    Scarlet Leaves
    Drops of Scarlet
    The Kiss of the Glimmering Cherry
    Glamorizing Rose
    Sparkling Grapefruit
    Charming Cherry
    Radiant Raspberry
    Sparkling Dreams
    Sparkling Leaves
    Flaming Sapphires

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