What to Wear to a Spring Formal


Spring formal is upon us. Surely, many of you would be feeling like Paris Hilton wondering what to wear to a Met Gala. After all, spring formal is that important, and it should be. However, finding a perfect dress for a spring formal is not a cakewalk. You want to give a formal impression but also know that you might end up facing cops; the middle ground is a bit tough to find. Therefore, to ensure you have the best spring formal experience, we have picked out the weeds and laid out all the necessary information, trends, and dresses. 

What is a Spring Formal


Before browsing through tons of spring formal dresses online or at a store, it is essential to understand what spring formal is. 

Well, for one thing, this annual event is not like your run-on-the-mill or I-expected-this event. The most powerful and exciting component of a spring formal is its unpredictability. Also known as Christmas Ball or Winterfest, all high schools conduct this event once a year. 

If you enjoy an extraordinary party surrounded by a DJ, flashing lights, and a disco ball, you do not want to miss out on your spring formal. Also, you will be having your spring formal somewhere between the months of December and March. Thus, you would probably be carrying your Christmas, New Year’s, or Valentine Day’s spirit to your spring formal; and that will mark it on the map for you to remember for the rest of your life. 

Standout Spring Formal Dress Trends in 2021

For most of us, spring is one of the most exciting yet calm seasons, and the fashion trends it brings along are truly the cherry on top of the cake. Especially trends and dresses that are designed mostly for spring formal. Take a look at these 2021 trendy styles:

· Caped dresses:


Spring formal is certainly a time to celebrate your youth and achievements. What better way to feel empowered and pretty than a cape dress? This trend has come from ancient history and has suited like a missing jigsaw puzzle in today’s fashion world. 

· Open back dresses:


No, it’s not a backless dress. As a spring formal requires you to wear a dress that is formal and fun at the same time, you can never go wrong with an open back dress. It gives the formal look as you enter the room, and your back shows you are all in on the fun too. Also, for the ones looking for long spring formal dresses, a long open back dress is the queen of the category. 

· Feathers:


Your spring formal is the perfect time for you to spread your wings, quite literally. Styling your dress with feather-based accessories is one thing. However, going a bit unconventional with a feather dress is something that would ensure all the eyes are on you. Not only does it represent a certain kind of confidence, but also gives you the edge that only some can pull off. 

Top Spring Formal Dress Inspiration from Ever-Pretty

As we were studying recent trends and the most trending dresses for the year 2021, we could not help but carefully pick out some of the best spring 2021 formal dresses for you to check and get some inspiration! 

1. Shiny V-Neck Sequin Spring Formal Dress


Available in Dark Green, Burgundy, and Rose Gold colors, this dress ensures that you stand out in a crowded room like a snowflake. Also, the thigh-high slit gives it the sassy and sexy look you must be seeking out for your spring formal. Whereas, the V-neck and long sleeves state that you are as fun as you are elegant.

2. Stunning Round Neckline Spring Formal Dress


In this spring formal dress, you will find the exact amount of teasing attraction you are expecting – with a hint of surprise with its sequin quality. As the dress touches the floor as you walk, you shall feel special to be you. Also, the dress is designed to focus on your waist without the need for an obvious belt.

3. Bold Double V-Neck Maxi Spring Formal Dress with Ruffle Sleeves


If you are looking for a dress that shows your personal flair and showcases your bold attitude with a touch of femininity, this dress is the way to go. Its lace and tulle skirt, along with a sexy double V neck and fun ruffle sleeves, is perfect to make it difficult for your crush or partner to take their eyes off you

4. Sexy Off-Shoulder Spring Formal Maxi Dress


For the ones wanting to show off their shoulders without having to commit to the effort of putting on a strapless look, this spring formal dress is perfect. Making an elegant yet strong statement, this dress gives you a princess-look with its body-hugging neckline and A-Line skirt touching the floor as it flares out towards the hem.

5. Romantic Shimmery Spring Formal Maxi Dress


This long floor-touching dress works as an iconic spring formal attire while giving you an effortless look. With its shimmery effect and leaves trying to reach the floor with a touch of elegance, this dress carries a perfect vibe of the combination of your flirtatious, sophisticated, and fun personality.

Regardless of which dress and trend you go with, pair it up with your statement earrings and authentic personality. With this combination, you are all set for a fun spring formal!

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