What to Wear on a Vacation to Sicily


When it comes to Sicily, your first impression is probably the Mediterranean Sea or maybe, Malèna, the romantic comedy-drama film. Yes, Sicily is a typical Italian region which is full of romance and enthusiasm. After visiting so many different cities in Italy, this time our Ever-Pretty beauty Larisa finally came to Sicily. Her first stop is the famous fish market in Catania.




Larisa said that you could find the freshest and cheapest aquatic products in this market as well as the vegetables and fruits. Tourists could easily and quickly assimilate into the locale due to the helpful and enthusiastic local people. She chose a sequins and velvet dress to wear in Sicily because she thought this gorgeous dress and this place created an amazing contrast effect which she loved very much. Mixed materials are a fun trend to try out and what better combination then velvet and sequins! Rock a daring look at your next event this year!




If you are a big fan of Italy, we strongly suggest you replicate Larisa’s first trip by also visiting Alberobello, a magical and small fairytale town; Bari, a romantic city; Polignano a Mare, a foodie heaven; Siena, a feast for the senses; Rome, a garden that most tourists have never heard of; Cagliari, an ancient city with a long history; and Oristano, a beautiful Italian city. All are essential stops during your Italian vacation.

You can shop Larisa’s look below:


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