What to Wear on a Vacation to Oristano, Italy


After a long trip to Cagliari a month ago, this time our Ever-Pretty beauty Larisa came to the city of Oristano which is in the central-western part of the island of Sardinia. Larisa said that she was very lucky due to the good weather and helpful people to walk around the beautiful city and discover its true charm.




Our Ever-Pretty beauty Larisa chose a sleeveless high collar burgundy dress to wear on her vacation to Oristano. She thought this burgundy dress was an elegant choice for any formal or black tie affair, the high neckline and lace bust add timeless glamour to it, so she wore it when she was invited to a luxury hotel. The vintage furniture, decoration and wallpapers created a strong sense of the times and made Larisa feel she was in a fairytale. It seemed that this gorgeous dress was designed for this place and it showed.







If you are a big fan of Italy, we strongly suggest you replicate Larisa’s first trip by also visiting Alberobello, a magical and small fairytale town; Bari, a romantic city; Polignano a Mare, a foodie heaven; and Siena, a feast for the senses. All are essential stops during your Italian vacation.

You can shop Larisa’s look below:


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