What to Wear on a Vacation to Greece


When you think of Greece, what do you see? A country full of blue skies and white clouds as the Aegean laps at the endless coastline? Anything else? This time our Ever-Pretty beauty Larisa came to the village of Margarites which is the center of the island of Crete. Margarites is well known for its pottery and, you will always be able to find an elder to show you how the pots are hand thrown. Margarites also has some extraordinary architecture and lovely narrow winding streets which are well worth exploring.





Larisa chose a floral sequin print fishtail tulle dress to wear in this beautiful village, she thought Margarites was a perfect place to take wedding dress photos and this fishtail tulle dress reminded her of her wedding dress. This gorgeous sequined tulle dress oozes romance with its shimmery leaves design. Sequins are a year round statement and this dress is perfect for prom, homecoming and any other formal events. We also think it is a great wedding dress choice for the low-key person as its delicate details add just enough flair to show your taste.






Greeks are always passionate and live life to the fullest, even at the most difficult times. You can always find dizzying views here. Time to pack your bags and head to Greece! You can shop Larisa’s look below:


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