What to Get for Mother’s Day: Best Gift Ideas 2021


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so if you’re in doubt about what to get her, check out below for our suggestions to get out of this situation. Warning: this list contains the best Mother’s Day gift ideas to buy online for you to quickly find a solution on a budget, so let’s go!

1. Photo necklace


It’s something unique and affordable for a Mother’s Day gift. It is personalized, making it something which your mom will always cherish and wear, containing a picture of the whole family or a picture of your kids. She can wear it near her heart and always think of you when she’ll have a quick look at it. This is an idea that will say “I love you, Mom” like no other words can, don’t you think?

2. Breakfast in bed, please!

breakfast-in-bed, please!

Remind her about that fancy holiday escape with your dad from years ago with a beautiful, maybe handmade serving tray, which you can use to take breakfast to her bed on the morning of Mother’s Day, and she will never forget the gesture. It may seem small, but for someone who has worked to raise her children right and served them for years, it may seem like the world. Even coffee by the bed is nice – and she doesn’t need to be sick for you to smother her a little. So don’t economize on the little things, as these are the little things that count in life. 

3. Ooh, la la! Scented candles never fail. 


When we stop to remember something from happy earlier days, we first remember a smell, a special scent. A scented candle that can remind her of something beautiful can bring her back to her younger days. Go for a relaxing scent, or for something you already know she likes. And she can use this beautiful, scented candle by her bed or by her bathtub, for a touch of relaxation and grounding on a nice beautiful morning, or even for mornings, she is doing yoga. Scented candles are sold literary everywhere and are perfect if you are on a budget. 

4. A hand-painted gardening pot


If your mom is the gardener type and she enjoys taking care of plants and flowers, offering her something nice, unique, and made with your own hands is going to do the trick. You can attend a pottery class to make one yourself and if not, buy a simple one and paint it yourself. You can even paint something nice and write a nice personal message, for an even more personal touch. This for sure can warm any mother’s heart and make for a perfect well-thought Mother’s Day gift. 

5. A kitchen garden


For something even more personal for the little gardener your mom is, and if you want to dedicate time, you can even grow a mini kitchen garden with some plants she can use when cooking – nothing fancy, maybe parsley, rosemary, oregano – and arrange little pots as a mini kitchen garden. She will cook her dinner and always think of you as it’s a nice idea for mom’s gift which will strike her honest work and gentle thoughts. One of the most beautiful things you can offer your mom is your time, and she already grew to appreciate this. 

6. Love goes through the stomach, isn’t that what they always say?


After trillions of meals, she cooked for you, isn’t this something really simple you can do for her? Something yummy baked with your own two hands – cookies or cupcakes – is perfect for moms with a sweet tooth. There are dozens of ideas online, even for the ones not used to cooking; and if you are not the regular cook yourself, the more she will appreciate the gesture. But if you want to go the extra mile, you can cook dinner for her, and wait for her on Mother’s Day evening and surprise her. Maybe not that easy, but affordable and loving. 

7. A beautiful jewelry box for her collection


Of course, you can also give her a necklace or a pair of earrings, or even a bracelet. But if by now, she already has a collection worthy of envy, you can opt for a nice jewelry box, and it doesn’t need to be silver-made, but it can be engraved and it will deliver a very personal message to the loved one. There are numerous options online, of various scents of wood, and all are elegant and practical. 

8. A recipe book for those chef moms


Go for a complete, maybe already well-reviewed recipes cookbook; it can be your well-known Martha Stewart or Jamie Oliver, or if you dig a little deeper, a more traditional older edition filled not only with amazing and validated recipes, but also beautiful life stories and anecdotes. Probably you will borrow it more than once, but this is the definition of a good gift – one that you don’t actually want to give away. 

9. A spa day


For a hard-working mom, a day off at the spa is something she will truly treasure. Buy her a bit of time for herself, quality time to ground and reconnect with herself, and get her treated at your local spa (or not so local, it’s up to you). She has already taken care of her children before (because that’s what mothers do) and put others’ needs before hers. A day at the spa can celebrate her and her alone. 

10. A dress that will have her ready for the next party


She will appreciate a beautiful party dress, so go check online for different dresses for mom options, and pick one according to her taste. A pretentious one or a happy playful simple one – they’ll both do the trick. Pick up one in her favorite color and high-end quality fabric and she’ll love it! It’s one of the cutest Mother’s Day gifts you can possibly choose. Check hundreds of beautiful options for every body type and shape at www.ever-pretty.com 

And don’t forget the card! Happy Mother’s Day to your moms, y’all!

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