Squid Game’s Kang Sae-byeok: Top 10 Hoyeon Jung’s Chic Looks and Similar Fashion Items Under $90


The Squid Game has not only revolutionized Netflix, but also our homes. Since it was released in September 2021, it has become the most popular.

Kang Sae-byeok, one of the main characters, has specially caught everyone’s attention—and heart: a beautiful yet tough woman, determined enough to win a competition among hundreds of strong men. The role is played by Hoyeon Jung, a popular model and actress, popular even before Netflix showed her face for the first time.

The thing is, she has become so popular that everyone is trying to follow her style. Being a model, there’s a lot to say about her outfits indeed and women everywhere are going crazy about her different styles, both formal and informal.

We have designed this blog to introduce you to the actress’ looks and give you options to imitate her style on a budget. Keep reading!

Hoyeon Jung has Become the Most Famous Star Worldwide due to Netflix’s Squid Game.

You might be wondering what is that makes people crazy about her, and there are many reasons. Jung Hoyeon plays a controversial character who is ever-changing during the series. Needless to say, she’s a wonderful actress.

Besides being an actress, she’s also a top model who took part in season 4 of Korea’s Next Top Model and was classified within the Top 50 models.

The Squid Game doesn’t show her in many outfits, however, the game’s uniform has become very popular. However, we want to give you a list of informal and formal outfits, including velvet dresses for women and long sleeve dresses. Luckily for you, black Friday is near so why not purchase dresses during black Friday?

10 Hoyeon Jung’s Chic Looks and Similar Fashion Items All Under $90

Both formal and informal, let’s take a look at the different options and our recommendations so you can look as beautiful as the actress.

5 Hoyeon Jung’s Daily Looks

Hoyeon Jung wears her daily informal looks in the most fashionable way possible, but simplicity is always her paramount. We’ve selected 5 different outfits you’ll be able to imitate under a budget.

  • 1. The Squid Game’s uniform has become very popular, especially because Jung Ho Yeon wears it! Luckily for you, Zara reproduced it and it cannot look more beautiful! The pants are high-waisted with a comfortable elastic waistband and hidden pockets. What makes it so great? The contrasting side stripes. If the original Squid Game’s uniform color is not for you, the brand offers the outfit in blue and red as well. This outfit is perfect for a chill Sunday afternoon with friends or even if you’re feeling too lazy to dress up in a formal outfit!
  • 2. This beautiful overcoat is not from The Squid Game, but the actress has made it popular anyway! Shein offers a very similar one you can combine with a white top. It’s available in grey as well. It has two front buttons and, according to reviews, it’s super warm and the fabric is of excellent quality. It can be a perfect complement to a midi or mini dress or a tee with jeans and knickers.
  • 3. Perfect for summer or hot days, this sexy crop top will make you look exactly like the top model. Zara’s item is made with a linen blend fabric and has short sleeves, a V-neck and an open back with a metal hook closure. So similar to Kang Sae-byeok’s! Dare to wear it on the hottest days of the season with a mini skirt or mini short!
  • 4. Although The Squid Game doesn’t have much clothing to appreciate because there’s a fixed uniform, the scenes in which you see Jung Ho Yeon’s life outside the game portray her in different trendy outfits, like the jacket she’s wearing when visiting her little brother. Shein offers you a very similar option with beautiful bright colors. It includes pockets and a zipper. According to the reviews, the pictures are real because the colors are so flashy! This is great for windy days. You can pair it with a white tee and jeans.
  • 5. An oversized blazer that works with almost every outfit? Yes, Zara’s got it, of course. This beautiful oversized blazer has a plaid pattern, a lapel collar and pronounced shoulders. It has flap pockets at the front and double breasted buttons. Great to combine with a blouse and jeans or trousers!

5 Hoyeon Jung’s Formal Looks

Ok, now that we’ve checked some informal outfits for you to select your favorite one, let’s take a look at what the popular star prefers to wear when dressing up for a formal occasion.

  • 1. Hoyeon Jung’s formal dress look on Saturday Night Live was impressive because of its simplicity and attractiveness. Ever Pretty offers you a very similar look, so similar people will think you’re the actress! This sexy Ever Pretty dress has a fitted shape with a crossed neckline. The back is low and has delicate spaghetti straps. This simple yet sexy dress is perfect for any formal meetings or even for going out for dinner with your loved ones! Black Friday dresses are almost here, so pay attention and start choosing your favorites!
  • 2. A green shiny dress is not very easy to wear, but Jung Ho Yeon wears it wonderfully! Sleeveless dresses are a great option if it’s too hot, but don’t forget long sleeve dresses are always great when the temperatures start going down! Similar to the actress’ outfit, Ever Pretty offers a long sleeve dress that will have all eyes rolled on you. It features an asymmetrical bodycon, and open back and a V-neckline. The sequins all over the dress it what makes it so stunning and unique!
  • 3. As you can see in the picture, Jung Ho Yeon is wearing a beautiful black off-shoulder midi dress combined with trendy boots. Ever Pretty’s option is similar, but a bit more elegant since the dress is off-shoulder long sleeved. This velvet dress for woman is floor-length and is great for any formal occasions such as weddings, prom or cocktails.
  • 4. Lace dresses are currently on trend! Dare to imitate the actress’ beautiful outfit with our proposal from Ever Pretty. This sweet dress features a heart-shaped neckline, a covered back and it’s asymmetrical, with a sexy split. The length is perfect: midi. You can easily move around and dance in this beautiful lace dress which is perfect for parties both during the day and night.
  • 5. They often say less is more, and that is totally true when you look at Jung Ho Yeon in this beautiful dress combined with sandals and socks. Ever Pretty’s version is similar, but a bit more formal. Made of flowy tulle, the dress comprises a V-neck, a high-low hem and a pleated style, which adds tons of elegance. You can wear this elegant dress at any formal parties such as weddings, cocktails, prom and even your own anniversary!

It goes without saying that Jung Ho Yeon has become a great influencer among young women, not only for the determination she shows in the series but also because of obvious fashion reasons! From informal crop tops and blazers to formal dresses and shoes, it’s no wonder why everyone has gone crazy about her style. We hope that this blog was useful for you to grab an idea of her looks and helps you choose your next favorite outfit.

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Go ahead and dare to look like the famous actress from The Squid Game!

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