How to Rock a Dress in Cooler Months


Are you bored with wearing boxy winter clothes? You’re not alone! But did you know you can totally rock a summer dress midwinter? Pairing a summer dress with some heavier winter pieces creates visually interesting, bohemian look. Today we are going to show you some tips to really rock a dress in cooler months! Let’s check it out!

1. Pair with formfitting turtleneck sweaters



It is super popular to layer a formfitting turtleneck sweater underneath a shirt or hoodie this year. You can also do that with a V neck dress. It keeps you warm in cooler months and creates an effortless casualness. This is fun way to throw back to classic 90s style. You can even wear a pair of warm pants underneath the dress and no one will know if you opt for a maxi dress.


Think about it, if the girl in the picture above didn’t wear a dress, would her look still be as interesting and cool?

2. Pair with oversized sweaters



A dress is more versatile than a skirt because a dress can become a skirt when you layer a chic top over it. In this case an oversized sweater does the trick. The chunky fabric of an oversized sweater creates a beautiful juxtaposition with a delicate sundress.



You can also make a knot or add a belt to the look if you want to create more shape in your waist.

3. Pair with coat



If where you’re heading won’t be very cold then you can easily layer a chic coat with your dress. The key to achieving this stylish look is to opt for a coat in the same length as your dress.



This dream team is often the first choice of many celebrities when they attend formal occasions in cooler months.


If you’re concerns with your ankles getting cold in a dress, then add a pair of tall boots which is a very chic way to keep you warm while looking cool.

Are you getting inspired after our introduction? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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