Trend Alert: Tea Dresses!


What exactly is a tea dress, you may ask? Historically, it was exactly what it sounds like- a dress worn to tea. The use of tea dresses dates back to the mid 1800s, when European women wore informal dresses made of light fabrics for afternoon tea. Tea dresses are usually floral printed or polka dot…

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How to Choose a Square Neckline


Square shaped items have been making a splash in the fashion world, such as square toe sandals which I introduced before. Today, let’s talk about square necklines, this classic 19th century look was having a big resurgence last spring and I think it will continue to dominate all throughout this year. Square necklines have a…

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Try a Wide Leg White Pants This Summer!


Have you ever had difficulty finding a pair of perfect pants that transition perfectly between air-condition rooms and hot summer heat? So how do we do it? My suggestion is- wide leg white pants! Now you might be shaking your head thinking that white pants are unflattering and that only really tall people can rock…

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How to Tie a Scarf to Upgrade Your Hair Style


When it comes to incorporating a scarf to your hairstyle, I think most people’s first impression is Audrey Hepburn’s classic style- wrapping the scarf around her head. While this retro style is undoubtedly chic, it is quite difficult to for most to pull off. Don’t dismay, there are actually several easy ways to incorporate a…

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Try Suit Shorts This Summer!


When it comes to suit shorts, maybe most people think they are just workwear. However, the materials, colors, patterns and styles of this season’s suit shorts are totally different from the past and very versatile. Let’s make a long story short! Today I will introduce how and why you should try a suit short this…

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How to Style Your T-Shirts for Summer


When you don’t know what to wear in summer, what will you do? I think T-shirts and jeans/denim shorts are the first choice for most people. This choice is a classic and you can never go wrong with it. However, do you ever feel bored with them if you wear them too often? Today I…

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How to Wear Sheer Black Pantyhose in Style


Sheer black pantyhose are usually associated with super sexy looks, but it’s not always easy to achieve a standout style with these classic style staples. So how do we do it? You are in luck as I have got something for you! Today I will introduce how to wear sheer black pantyhose in style. Let’s…

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How to Choose the Perfect Sheer Blouse


When it comes to sheer blouses, your first impression may be that they are too sexy or that they only work on the runway. However, this season’s sheer blouses are stylish and can be worn in everyday life. For example, Elle Fanning chose three different sheer blouses to wear at Cannes Film Festival which were…

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