Top 5 White Graduation Dresses You’ll Love


If your graduation day is coming nearer each day it only means you’ve worked really hard, investing many sleepless hours of study, so it’s now your turn to celebrate all those hard years. You’re probably already wondering what graduation dresses for women you can wear, what color, what style, what shoes, and so on. In…

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6 Tips for Choosing Formal Dresses for Women


There’s always a special moment in every woman’s life in which we need to dress up for a formal event, whether it is for a dance, a prom party, a birthday party, a wedding or any other special formal occasion. In any of these situations, choosing a formal dress is an absolute necessity. As dress shopping…

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The Top 3 Accessories You Need This Spring


Sometimes, the accessories are the star of the show. The right accessories can infuse a wardrobe with fabulous personality and originality. Today I will introduce the top 3 accessories you should be rocking this spring! Let’s check it out! 1. Statement Earrings Bolder is better when it comes to earrings this spring because statement earrings is…

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Why Mirror Selfies are So Popular and How to Take the Perfect One


Mirror selfies have been around since the dawn of the camera phone and may even be responsible for the rise of the #ootd phenomenon. Before influencers hired professional photographers, most started their journey posting low quality mirror selfies. For the last few years mirror selfies became a bit passé as the quality of smart phones…

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