Try 3 New Colors This Summer 2020


When it comes to summer, most people think we should wear light color because it looks cool and comfortable. However, do you ever think you can also wear some new color to brighten your summer days during these uncertain times? Actually, only if you choose the right style, you can make a statement in any…

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Top 3 Bikini Trends 2020


Among all the swimwear, many people might think bikinis are only designed for the beautiful bodies. However, there are plenty of different bikini styles for different bodies, every woman can wear a bikini in style this summer. Here comes to the question- what is the bikini trends this year? We’ve got your covered! If you…

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The 2020 Yoga Outfit Trends You Need to Know


Ever found yourself thinking or planning of starting some workout routines or getting into the whole gym thing, but never really getting into it? Well, think no more! Because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, everyone is stuck at home with not much to do. While most people have become decidedly lazy and are slacking off,…

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How To Wear Bike Shorts In Style


Bike shorts are experiencing an important moment in fashion these two years. Just like sports leggings, bike shorts are the latest item of athletic appeal to become an everyday wardrobe basic. Princess Diana was absolutely a big fan of bike shorts. She often photographed in her colorful spandex and oversized sweatshirts, and bike shorts. Her…

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How To Wear Knitwear in Style This Summer 2020


Are you a big fan of knitwear? If so, you can’t miss out today’s introduction about how to wear knitwear in style this summer 2020! You might worry that summer is too hot to wear knitwear, don’t fret, with new shapes and colors on the scene this fabric has gotten a 21st century update. You…

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Time To Try The 3 Hottest Tops Trends 2020


When you are in a hurry to go out in summer, most people prefer to wear T-shirt because it’s easy and comfortable. However, do you ever feel a lit bored about wearing T-shirt every day? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Today we will introduce the 3 hottest tops trends 2020, let’s explore…

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