Top 5 dresses ideas for 2019 Thanksgiving Dinner


November is coming, which means Thanksgiving is on its way! A wonderful holiday season, a time of family and friends, fun and the creation of new memories is around the corner! It’s Time To Ready Your Dress for 2019 Thanksgiving Dinner It’s always interesting to dress up during holiday season, especially when you’re gathered around…

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How To Choose A Perfect Wedding Dress | Dos & Don’ts


Since being engaged, you probably have been asked a dizzying array of wedding planning questions – where is the wedding destination, who will attend, what is the style of your wedding dress, what is the decoration? Among all the questions, we think finding your perfect wedding dress is probably the most exciting part of the…

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Leave Any Comments to Get $3 for Black Friday!!!


Good news to all the subscribers of The Ever Pretty Blog! Everyone can get $3 Ever-Pretty Gift Card for Black Friday by leaving any comments below!!! (Or €3/£3/A$5 Ever-Pretty Gift Card for the EU/UK/AU site. Please tell us which site would you like to use your gift card in the comments too.) For example, you…

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Top 5 Tips | How To Store Your Evening Dresses


There are many formal occasions which we need to get dresses up in a year, that’s why we need evening dresses. Whether it’s wedding season or holiday parties, how to store evening dresses is always a tricky problem. Evening dresses are unlike daily outfits, they require special attention to keep them looking their best and…

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4 Tips to Illuminate Your Outdoor Wedding


If you are planning an outdoor wedding this year, you can’t miss today’s introduction about how you can make your outdoor wedding more magical using lighting. The right lighting can emphasize the emotions which you want to convey in your wedding. So, how to achieve that? Let me show you 4 practical tips to illuminate…

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Awesome 5 Ways To Do With Your Old Prom Dresses


When prom season is over, and so is your friend’s’ wedding. You tried stuffing the prom dress into the back of your closet and realized it would stay- perhaps never to be worn again. For most people, how to do with old prom dress is a headache problem. The dress you once adored is now…

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