How to Choose Women’s Cycling Shorts 2020


We have been locked at home during months because of the COVID-19 and many people had to stop exercising. This has led to some consequences such as weight gain and even depression, two issues that are easily solved with physical activity. Now that quarantine is slowly finishing in some countries, those who had to interrupt…

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Worth A Shot! Time To Try Greige Items!


Do you ever know greige, which combined by the word “grey” and “beige”? Greige is the original color of cloth which means without printing or dyeing, and greige is also the color of original linen. Greige is one of the most favorite colors of many instagram influencers who love minimalism, such as Beatrice Gutu, Elborn…

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How To Wear Accessories In Style This Summer 2020


Compared to cooler months, people usually show much more skin in summer, which means we have more chances to wear accessories in style. The right accessory can enhance your outfit and sometimes the accessories are the star of the show. Today we will introduce three easy ways to wear accessories in style this summer 2020,…

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Best 5 Ways to Wear Graphic Tees for Women


They say history always repeats itself. This holds true even in the fashion industry where the major graphic tees trend from the 1960’s and 70’s seems to be undergoing a renaissance with an added evolutionary factor. Initially, graphic tees only had band symbols or slogans printed on them, but these days they have become an…

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