Squid Game’s Kang Sae-byeok: Top 10 Hoyeon Jung’s Chic Looks and Similar Fashion Items Under $90


The Squid Game has not only revolutionized Netflix, but also our homes. Since it was released in September 2021, it has become the most popular. Kang Sae-byeok, one of the main characters, has specially caught everyone’s attention—and heart: a beautiful yet tough woman, determined enough to win a competition among hundreds of strong men. The…

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Maternity Dress Guide 2021


You will probably be a proud mommy a few months down the line, and that’s a joyous feeling. As a mother-to-be, you need to be comfortable and at ease. Your body is probably going through several changes, and you might get mood swings time and again. Let’s not forget that a mother-to-be feels unbearably hot…

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Fall Dressing Guide 2021


Approach a group of models and fashionistas and ask them about their favorite season to dress up. You can expect a one-word answer: Fall. This is the season why everyone gets excited to flaunt their lightweight blazers, coats, full-sleeved dresses, cool medium-length skirts, ponchos, pant-suits, and a lot more. Even if your summer body’s not ready,…

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