Autumn Wedding Scene Decoration 2021


An autumn wedding is always rustic and charming. Usually, the family of the groom and bride opt for blooming flower décor for a spring wedding. However, flowers can be a part of an autumn wedding scene as well. Picture yourself walking down the aisle and you find the venue filled with textured pinecones, hanging baskets, and…

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Our Favorite #Instagram VS Reality Posts


I’m sure you’ve seen and maybe even participated in the viral “Instagram VS reality” trend that’s been all over Instagram. Actually it’s not a new topic, it’s been around since the early days of Instagram, but its relevance tends to flare up periodically. Why? I think because it’s important to remember that Instagram is a…

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LOL Time! The 13 Funniest Tweets from Women to Brighten Your Day


Long time no see! Welcome back to “LOL Time!”, our new segment designed to brighten your day! Huffington Post does a great segment rounding up what they consider the funniest tweets from women each week! Today we’re going to show you some of our favorites. Let’s check it out and prepare to laugh! my shoppe…

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LOL Time! 10 Funniest Fashion Memes


Hey! Welcome back to “LOL Time!”, our new segment designed to brighten your day! I’m sure you’ve seen the countless memes of the Fiji Water girl on the Golden Globes red carpet. Just like her on the red carpet, these memes have been unavoidable and hilarious. Today we’re going to show more funny fashion memes…

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LOL Time! Meet James Fridman and Prepare to Laugh!


Laughter is the best medicine. Today we are starting a new segment “LOL Time!” in which we hope to brighten your day by sharing things around the internet that made us “LOL”. If you’ve never seen James Fridman’s (@fjamie013) work, prepare to laugh! James is a British graphic designer known for taking requests on Twitter…

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