How to Make a Face Covering at Home


The COVID-19 situation hasn’t ended yet and we need to continue taking care of our health until it all ends. As you know, covering your face reduces the risk of infection and, right now, it’s mandatory all around the globe. By now you should know that a cloth face covering needs to cover both your…

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How to Pick Yoga Outfits 2020


In these days, with the big impact the current health situation is having on societies all around the world, most people don’t leave their homes or go to the gym anymore as a result of the governments’ requirements regarding the coronavirus. For that reason, people started working from home. A minority are also training at…

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How to Care for Your PPE


We know there has been a lot of mixed information about who should be wearing personal protective equipment such as masks. While we are not going to attempt to clarify that, as that should be left for the experts, we would like to provide some insight into how to properly care for this equipment should…

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Easter and Passover in Quarantine


We know that this is a hard time for everyone, in more ways than one. But I think trying to grapple with the idea of celebrating holidays while physically separate from your communities is a particularly tough situation. Whether you are religious or not, these springtime holidays typically are a time for family to come…

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