How to Rock a Dress in Cooler Months


Are you bored with wearing boxy winter clothes? You’re not alone! But did you know you can totally rock a summer dress midwinter? Pairing a summer dress with some heavier winter pieces creates visually interesting, bohemian look. Today we are going to show you some tips to really rock a dress in cooler months! Let’s…

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Trend Alert: Simple Wedding Dresses 2021

This has certainly been a tough year for everyone, including those who were planning to celebrate different events and had to cancel or postpone them. If you are one of the thousands of women in the world who were planning to get married and couldn’t do it or you simply planned your wedding for next…

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A New Little White Dress for Every Occasion


We know that little white dresses are as versatile as little black dresses. When it comes to summer, I think LWDs are more practical than LBDs. However, it’s really difficult to find a perfect LWD because compared to LBDs, perfect LWDs have a higher standard. If you’re looking to add an LWD to your wardrobe…

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