10 Trendy Styles for Homecoming Dance 2020


The most exciting part of going back to school is getting ready for the most important dance of the year: homecoming. Many start prepping some months earlier to have it all ready when the day comes. After long, awful months of social distancing and lockdown, many are absolutely eager to let their body loose at…

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The Most Popular Earrings 2020 You Should Know


Maybe you wear a face mask every day due to COVID-19 and no longer do any make-ups. However, there is one thing you still can do to keep your spirits up during these uncertain times, that is wearing earrings. Earrings are the things that enhance your outfit and whole look, so why not add some…

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How To Take A Perfect Selfie With Flowers


What are your favorite props when you take selfies? We introduced the popular mirror selfies before, and because of the #ootd phenomenon, more and more people like taking selfies and share their outfits. Today we will introduce the hottest selfie props- flowers! The flower selfies began with the idea of “FlowerWear Project” from a female…

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How to Choose Women’s Cycling Shorts 2020


We have been locked at home for months because of the COVID-19 and many people had to stop exercising. This has led to some consequences such as weight gain and even depression, two issues that are easily solved with physical activity. Now that quarantine is slowly finishing in some countries, those who had to interrupt…

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Worth A Shot! Time To Try Greige Items!


Do you ever know greige, which combined with the word “grey” and “beige”? Greige is the original color of cloth which means without printing or dyeing, and greige is also the color of original linen. Greige is one of the most favorite colors of many Instagram influencers who love minimalism, such as Beatrice Gutu, Elborn…

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The Top 3 Versatile Dresses You Can’t Miss Out 2020


Did you ever wear a formal dress for an important event but never wear it again? Are you looking for a versatile dress for many occasions during your life? If so, this article may come in handy for you, because today we will introduce you to the amazing world of the top 3 versatile dresses…

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