Give The Dress A Name: #9



The contest has ended. Be sure to enter again next week!

Winning Dress Name: Ocean Breeze

Winner: Dulce

(Check the previous contest here: Dress#1, Dress#2, Dress#3 , Dress#4, Dress#5 , Dress#6 , Dress#7 , Dress#8)


Note: Entries are made public via comments and therefore, we cannot delete any entries. Submitting a name used by any other site or brand will disqualify your entry. Must be 13+ with parent/guardian consent or 18+ to enter. Winner must reply to email within 48 hours to claim prize. Please be noticed that your comment is possibly not show immediately due to WordPress system, we will check it manually.


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178 responses to “Give The Dress A Name: #9”

  1. Graceful Lace

    Midnight Dream

    Sapphire Kiss

    Sapphire Sparkle

    Midnight Sparkle

    Exquisite Sapphire

    Eternal Finesse

    Blueberry Dream

    Blueberry Fantasy

    Lace Elegance

    Sapphire Dream

  2. Sapphire Elegance

    Evening Sky

    Blue Prism

    Sapphire Prism

    Romantic Evening

    Sapphire Evening

    Luxurious Lace

    Luxurious Sapphire

  3. Sorrow’s Gown
    Midnight’s Lament
    Putin’ on the lace
    Check me out
    Blue laloo
    Djini’s Magic
    Sky’s Darkest Hour
    Cryin’ For Lace
    Reaching but Failing
    Dreamy Night
    Love’s Secret
    Sorrow’s Secret
    The Moon’s Song
    Give Me a Chance

  4. Sea is calling

    Sway by the sea

    Sounds of the ocean

    Ocean elegance

    Blissful bay

    Ocean Kiss

    Sail into love

    beloved beauty

  5. Sultry Sapphire
    Midnight Darkness
    Sapphire Nights
    Peek a Blue Lace
    Sheer Darkness
    Love That Lace
    Darkest Night
    Midnight Dream
    Fairy Bridesmaid
    Frozen Darkness
    Sapphire Seduction
    Come Hither Gown
    Trust the Dark
    Casual Lace
    Anywhere Lace
    Lil Girl Blue
    Lady in Blue
    Graceful Darkness
    Graceful Nights
    Sensual Eclipse

  6. Bosslady Elegance Blue Dress
    Queen of The Blue Nile Dress
    Queen of Them All Blue Dress Collections
    Sophisticated Lady In Blue
    Blue Sapphire Dresses
    Charming Blue Lady Collections
    Lady of Blue Diamond Shinning Collections

  7. A midnight dream

    Dreaming in lace

    A night to remember

    kiss at midnight

    sapphire night

    Isn’t She lovely

    Moonlight shadow

    Starkissed Bliss

  8. Sapphire star

    Sapphire dream

    Sapphire Navy

    Shiny Sapphire

    Blue sapphire

    Elegant sapphire

    Classic Sapphire

    Navy sapphire

    Sapphire diamond

    Sapphire joy

  9. *cocktail ready

    *sprouting butterfly

    *sprouting wings

    *gorgeous soul

    *delicate memories

    *saphire delicacy

    *beaming honour

    *moonlight freckles

    *moonlight companion

    *trailling midnight

    *rain washed elegance

  10. Sapphire Lake

    Sapphire Ocean

    Sapphire Oasis

    Sapphire Wander

    Sapphire Dream

    Sapphire Star

    Sapphire Whisper

  11. Pacific Island

    Pacific Blue

    Pacific Sky

    Pacific ocean

    Pacific Breeze

    Pacific Voyage

    Pacific Journey

    Pacific Jewel

  12. *sky kissed

    *moon kissed

    *secret garden

    *moonlit garden

    *lace kissed

    *sweet lavender

    *lavender companion

    *rain-washed lavender

    *lavender petals

    *lavenders lace

    *moonlit violet

    *violet kissed

    *moon kissed

    *blooming royal blue

    *precious pearl

    *lilac kissed

    *lilac lace

    *blushing saphire

    *picnic in the evening sky

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