What to Wear on a Vacation to Cagliari, Italy


It should be no secret by now that Ever-Pretty Beauty Larisa loves Italy. Over the course of her travels she’s visited many picturesque Italian cities. On this most recent trip Larisa traveled to the city of Cagliari, which is the capital of the island of Sardinia, an autonomous region of Italy. An ancient city with…

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Our Favorite #10yearchallenge Posts


What can happen in 10 years? A lot. I’m sure you’ve seen and maybe even participated in the viral “10 Year Challenge” that’s been all over Twitter, Instagram and facebook. How have you grown, or “glown” up? Maybe the change is most evident in your sense of style, appearance, job, psychology or any other things….

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LOL Time! 10 Funniest Fashion Memes


Hey! Welcome back to “LOL Time!”, our new segment designed to brighten your day! I’m sure you’ve seen the countless memes of the Fiji Water girl on the Golden Globes red carpet. Just like her on the red carpet, these memes have been unavoidable and hilarious. Today we’re going to show more funny fashion memes…

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4 Tips for Wearing Wedding Heels without Pain


A wedding day is something that many women have dreamt about since they were little girls. We really hope your wedding is a fairy tale just like Cinderella, but we definitely don’t want you to hobble down the aisle like Cinderella’s step-sisters with glass shoes that don’t fit. Let’s be honest, as wonderful as they…

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Earrings! What You Didn’t Know Your Outfit Was Missing!


Your outfit can be well put together and still feel like it’s missing something. That’s where earrings come in! Earrings are probably the most suited accessories in cooler months because they are generally visible no matter how bundled up you are. You can wear them anytime, anywhere and they only enhance your outfit. Today I’m…

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What to Wear on a Vacation to Rome


As Italy’s hot-blooded capital, Rome is one of the world’s most romantic and inspiring cities. It is world-famous for its historical legacies and artistic riches. However, our Ever-Pretty Larisa didn’t choose to visit ancient icons such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum or St Peter’s Basilica. She found the hidden gems in Rome, such as Villa…

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LOL Time! Meet James Fridman and Prepare to Laugh!


Laughter is the best medicine. Today we are starting a new segment “LOL Time!” in which we hope to brighten your day by sharing things around the internet that made us “LOL”. If you’ve never seen James Fridman’s (@fjamie013) work, prepare to laugh! James is a British graphic designer known for taking requests on Twitter…

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